Smoky Mountain Winery

If you’re in Gatlinburg shopping for wine, be sure that the Smoky Mountain Winery is on your itinerary.

If you’re in Gatlinburg shopping for wine, be sure that the Smoky Mountain Winery is on your itinerary. Over the years, the winery has become as much of a Gatlinburg destination as Ripley’s Aquarium of the Smokies or Best Italian restaurant. Dry and sweet wines line the walls, each straight from their own vintners. Be sure to take part in a tasting while you’re there and stop by the gift shop to grab your favorite wine before you leave.

The wine selection at the Smoky Mountain Winery is eclectic and will appeal to the staunchest of wine enthusiasts. For the oenophile, or the true lover of wine, it’s very easy to find that perfect wine. Dry wines make up the entirety of one wall while another is sweet and semi-sweet wines. The Mountain Red and the Mountain White are semi-sweet wines that have tremendous flavor, but aren’t too heavy. As for sweet wines (blackberry, sangria, strawberry, etc.), Smoky Mountain Winery hits the top the mark in this category. Their sangria hits just the perfect note and all without having to make it yourself. With just the hint of wine and bursting with flavor, it’s truly the perfect dinner wine or a wine to savor with desert.

Not up on all the flavors, types and styles of wine? Don’t worry. The Smoky Mountain Winery staff is eager to find you the bottle of wine to go along with your tastes. They’ll even let you taste the wine before you buy it. It’s their job to explain why the wine tastes the way it does. And it’s almost a given that they know the perfect meal to accompany your selection.

And don’t forget to stop by the gift shop for any needed wine accessories.  From wine glasses to decanters to wine tools, everything that has to do with wine can be found in the gift shop.  Hand-painted wine glasses to match your décor, wine stoppers of your favorite football team and even a wine glass holder that will hang around your neck if you need a hands-free wine experience are all available and make for great gift ideas.

The Smoky Mountain Winery is located in Winery Square.  If you are headed to Gatlinburg from Pigeon Forge, turn left at traffic light No. 3.  Follow highway 321 for half a mile and then turn right into Winery Square.  The winery is at the top of the hill.  Just make sure you take the time to go in and explore the winery itself while you’re shopping.  Go for the wine, but talk to the staff while you’re there.  You’ll know more about wine than when you arrived and have a great time at the Smoky Mountain Winery in Gatlinburg, Tennessee to boot.

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