Santa’s Showcase and the Holly & Shamrock Parade

Come see Santa Claus in March along with St. Patrick at the Santa’s Showcase and the Holly & Shamrock Parade in Gatlinburg, TN! Get details on what you will see, when to be there, and where to go for this Santa Claus convention and St Patrick’s Day parade in Gatlinburg, Tennessee.

Santa Claus Convention in Gatlinburg TNIf you love St. Patrick and St. Nicholas, or you just miss Christmas, you shouldn’t miss out on the Santa’s Showcase and the Holly & Shamrock Parade. The 2010 Holly and Shamrock Parade will be taking place on Saturday, March 13 in the middle of Gatlinburg, Tennessee. The parade starts mid-afternoon, and can be watched along the town’s main Parkway between lights six and eight. There’s no charge to view or attend, and it’s the perfect combination of Christmas and St. Patrick’s day.

Also occurring during this period is Santa’s Showcase (also known as the Celebrate Santa Convention), a unique Christmas in March convention and shopping experience. You can enter for just three dollars and purchase anything from hand made sculptures by local artists to pumpkin butter, salsa, and fresh roasted nuts. Plus, you can find absolutely everything Santa here. From the perfect Santa suit for next Christmas to decorations and items that can’t be described, the Santa Showcase has it all.

You’ll see real live reindeer and sleighs, as well as the incredible Cyber Sleigh. Its onboard lighting systems and incredible sound system make it a show stopper. It won the special honors award at the Kansas City Autosound Exposition and Competition two years running, and now it’s come to the Holly and Shamrock Parade. You’ll also get the chance to see floats from the biggest resorts and entertainment venues in the Gatlinburg/Pigeon Forge area.

This parade is setting out to be one of the biggest St. Patty’s Day events in the country, combining Christmas and St. Patrick’s Day in a way you just won’t believe. Featuring leprechauns and elves, holly and shamrocks, and winter greeting the coming spring, the Holly and Shamrock Parade is something you’ll have to see to believe.

Santa, his elves, and Mrs Claus will all be there – you just have to decide which one is real. After all, Santas will be arriving from all over the world for the Santa Central convention and the Holly and Shamrock Gala. While these events aren’t open to the public, you’ll still get the chance to see almost a thousand Santas, as well as some truly amazing costumes, even before the parade begins. When the Santas aren’t busy with their convention, many of them will be willing to sign autographs and take photos.

The Holly and Shamrock Parade and Santa Showcase are worth seeing. If you only attend one St. Patrick’s Day celebration, make sure it’s this one. The Holly and Shamrock Parade and Celebrate Santa Convention in Gatlinburg, Tennessee are like no other!

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