LeConte Lodge

LeConte Lodge sits high atop Mount LeConte, the third highest peak in the Great Smoky Mountains National Park, and is the only place visitors can stay overnight at that high of an elevation in the eastern half of the country.

In all, 60 guests can stay at the lodge per night. Seven rough-hewn log cabins or 3 group sleeping lodges are also available. These one room structures are equipped with upper and lower bunks. Perfect for two couples or a family of 4. Three of the cabins also have a single bed that will sleep 5 people. Each lodge has a common room as well.

There is no electricity at LeConte Lodge. Kerosene lamps light the lodge giving it that old time feel, while propane heaters warm structures. Buildings with flush toilets were installed not too long ago at LeConte Lodge; still, there are no showers up here. Basins are also found in each cabin.

Wool blankets are found on each bed at the lodge as nighttime temperatures can dip down to freezing points often. The summer months don’t escape the dipping temperatures either.

lecontelodgeCoffee or hot chocolate awaits guests upon arrival and the family-style meals served in the lodge dining room make staying at LeConte Lodge a festive and memorable environment. Mount LeConte is a happy host and as is LeConte Lodge and the years of guests have made it that way. For visitors staying over a night, they’ll be able to eat lunch at the lodge too.

You live by the sun on Mount LeConte–early to bed, relaxed by your climb, and early to rise to enjoy a renowned Myrtle Point sunrise. For leisure activities, the lodge office provides reading material, games and comfortable chairs. Sitting on the deck in rocking chairs, soaking up the view of the mountain tops and distant valleys, is a favorite activity.

Next time you’re in Gatlinburg, take a hike up Mount LeConte and come stay the night at LeConte Lodge. The mountain is more than happy to have you and looks forward to your stay. Happy hiking!

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