Gatlinburg Trolley Schedule

You’ve made it to Gatlinburg, found a place to park, and now you’re out and about touring the town. But say you want to tour town but don’t want to have to spend the day walking it. Simple, take the trolley.

Gatlinburg’s trolley is one of the nicest public transit systems in the state. There are numerous spots to hop on, and it’s a very easy way to get around town. And all for just $2 a day. That’s right, you can ride all day long in the downtown area for just two dollars a day.

Current Trolley Map

For everyone looking at a Gatlinburg trolley map, the day pass includes unlimited access to the all trolley routes but the Tan and Pink routes. Both Gatlinburg welcome centers offer the all day trolley pass, as well as city hall and the mass transit center near Ripley’s Aquarium of the Smokies. There are also individual routes for purchase. Those run from 50 cents on up to $2 depending on distance. You must have exact change for each individual route.

There are over 17 parking lots conveniently located throughout the downtown Gatlinburg area. Just look for the blue parking labels. Parking fees vary based on locations. Call (865) 277-8222 with any questions.

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