Ole Smoky Distillery Opens July 2 in Gatlinburg

State’s First Legal Moonshine Distillery Opening in Downtown Gatlinburg

Come get your moonshine here!” – It’s an uncommon phrase these days, but soon it will heard in Gatlinburg with the opening of the Ole Smoky Distillery in Ole Smoky Holler at 903 Parkway. And it’s all legal by the way.

The distillery’s grand opening celebration will take place Friday, July 2 and will offer free samples of moonshine to adults over 21, moonshine for sale and free tours.

Aside from the actual ‘shine, Ole Smoky Distillery will offer a number of moonshine products including original unaged corn whiskey moonshine, sweet tea moonshine, apple pie moonshine, and peach moonshine. During the holiday season, moonshine cherries will be available for purchase.

The Ole Smoky recipes are the end result of years of perfected work and the experience of local families who have made mountain moonshine for over a century. Dave Pickerell, who served as master distiller at Maker’s Mark for over 15 years, assisted in the refinement of the Ole Smoky recipes in order to ensure a superior, mountain-made moonshine.

An authentic working moonshine still is the highlight of the distillery tour. Here, visitors learn about the science of the distilling process as well as the history and lore of moonshining in the Smokies.

As visitors will see, Ole Smoky proprietors Joe Baker, Tony Breeden and Cory Cottongim place a particular emphasis on celebrating their mountain heritage as well as the historical significance of the moonshine craft in sustaining families during the hard economic times of the early 20th century.

“Moonshine played an integral role in the daily lives of families in this region,” Baker said. “Too often, people rely on the stereotype of a backwards old man making a cheap, dangerous product. In truth, a lot of good people made and sold moonshine in order to feed and clothe their families.”

Ole Smoky is the first federally licensed distillery in the history of East Tennessee, and is currently one of only four distilleries operating in the state. Jack Daniels and George Dickel received their licenses before Prohibition, and Prichards Rum opened their Tennessee facility in 1999.

6 thoughts on “Ole Smoky Distillery Opens July 2 in Gatlinburg”

  1. We just returned home from Bristol. While there we enjoyed a jar of your shine and a jar of shine soaked cherries. Is there a site where I can place an order with you on the internet ?

  2. I believe Tennessee law prohibits the shipment of moonshine, you can only get it by visiting the distillery.

  3. I live in Johnson City, Tennessee, Is there any place in my local area that I can purchase your product? Thanks

  4. I just bought a jar of that white lightning they make. Its very palatable. I like it with a few ice cubes, Or shoot it and then chase it with Sun Drop which I call a “SunShine”. It has a nice light buzz, with little hangover. Much like vodka, I also had a jar of the moonshine cherries at New Years they were awesome. I purchased all of this at my local liquor store here in Nashville Tennessee so they must ship it. Cause the tax was paid. It wasn’t considered illegal liquor transportation, it was legally shipped under state law. For all to enjoy, cheers to the Tennessee state legislature,,,,, CHEERS,,,,

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