Shocktober in Gatlinburg Begins Tomorrow!

Witness mentalist Bill Gladwell perform tricks with the mind that will you amazed and confounded at Gatlinburg’s Shocktober (Oct. 17-31).

If your idea of being scared has less to do with vampires and other things that go bump in the night, and is more about the tricks and deceptions a person’s mind can play on them, you’ll want to be in Gatlinburg tomorrow for the first showing of Shrieks and Mind Freaks as part of Shocktober in Gatlinburg. The show is put on by Bill Gladwell, one of the nation’s most talented mentalists. His mystical show, Shrieks and Mind Freaks, will take place at the Arcadia Theater October 17th through Halloween night (October 31).

Bill Gladwell has received numerous accolades over the years with his incredible mental abilities. This particular show has been hailed as one of best to come through Gatlinburg by a number of media outlets. Gladwell demonstrates his abilities through two completely different performances. If you choose to see Head Case, you’ll witness Gladwell’s hypnotic abilities combined with the power of suggestion and psychology. As with all famous hypnotists and magicians, Gladwell’s talents as a showman take the performance to new heights of thought and wonder with each show. Audience members will stand mouths agape as he pulls thoughts directly from their mind and completes what they’ve only begun to say.

In Gladwell’s Hypnotized performance, actual volunteer audience members – not paid performers, not audience plants, are picked to help deliver a thought-provoking, while humorous show. It’s a part family-friendly comedy show as audience members are convinced that they’re things like movie stars, dancers, or weight lifters in a competition. You’ll laugh in amazement as people are transformed mentally before your very eyes.

People know about these shows , but do you really know what Gladwell has in store for his Halloween performance? Hypnotism? Mind-reading? Maybe something even more mind blowing?

Only he knows the details, so it’s truly going to be a surprise. Especially for those who choose to volunteer. The one guarantee is that it will be an experience you’ll never forget. So be sure to check out Shrieks and Mind Freaks in Gatlinburg! Shocktober 17-31 at the Arcadia Theater in Gatlinburg.

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