The Mountain Madness Film Festival

The Mountain Madness Film Festival begins October 7 in Gatlinburg, Tn. Get information on the region’s up-and-coming film festival, showings, events, and exhibits right here!

The Mountain Madness Film Festival (Oct. 7-10) bills itself as a celebration of the people, products and passions involved in the art of motion pictures.  And while it is geared at providing the community with a cultural outlet to inspire, while at the same time educating and entertaining through screenings and events, the Mountain Madness Film Festival is a local movie-lover’s dream come true.

The Mountain Madness Film Festival will present the best in independent features, shorts, documentaries and trailers from veteran masters, up-and-coming directors, and first-time filmmakers from around the globe.  With ShowEast running October 11-14 in Orlando, FL (less than 700 miles away) – the Mountain Madness Film Festival is the ideal pre-ShowEast destination for filmmakers, press, buyers, exhibitors, sponsors and attendees.

The Mountain Madness Film Festival will feature short length documentaries that speak to such issues as social justice, public education, native tribes, government policy, grassroots advocacy, media literacy, civic pride and engagement, youth, sex, politics, substance abuse, violence, learning, love, and life in America.  Particular attention will also be given to earth and nature conservation issues.

The number of films produced outside the U.S. has been growing steadily over the years.  Gatlinburg, Tennessee is home to many foreign born residents from Honduras, India, Argentina, China, Canada, United Kingdom, Philippines and Russia.  At the Mountain Madness Film Festival, there will be a wonderful selection of some of the best independent Foreign Language films on the planet.

Celebrate the creative energy of Native American directors, producers, writers, actors, musicians, and cultural activists, and all who support their endeavors. Showcasing the best in films by, about, and starring Native Americans and other North American Indigenous peoples, the Mountain Madness Film Festival will include feature films, documentaries, and short films.

The Mountain Madness Film Festival will be showcasing teasers & trailers for books, films and comic books from around the globe. Teasers, unlike typical theatrical trailers, are usually very short in length (between 30–60 seconds) and usually contain little, if any, actual footage from the film.  A book trailer is a video advertisement for a book which employs techniques similar to those of movie trailers.

A commonly held belief is that college scholarships and artists’ grants are only available to the most active, most brilliant, and most talented of individuals, and that there are no scholarship opportunities for average students or artists. This year, the Mountain Madness Film Festival is offering several grant and scholarship opportunities for students and non-students of all walks of life with all sorts of skill sets.

The Mountain Madness Film Festival will host a series of entertaining and informative panel discussions and special events. Discussions and events are subject to change leading up to the festival.

10-10-10 PARTY
The Mountain Madness Film Festival will hold a closing ceremony on October 10,  in order to commemorate the first ever Mountain Madness Film Festival. Filmmakers, press, staff, volunteers and audience members are encouraged to come mix & mingle and talk about Mountain Madness Film Festival 2011!!!

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