Blaine’s Grill & Bar

Finally Some Fun!

Blaine’s is one of the most centrally located restaurants in Gatlinburg.  Right on the corner of the Parkway and Historic Nature Trail Road, Blaine’s resides in the shadow of the Space Needle and sees thousands of people in the foot traffic that pass the door everyday.  The location has a fair amount of history and the food is amazing.  Add to that the fact that they put on the best New Years Eve party in town and you have a happening spot that brings on the fun and the food every time they open the doors.

Blaine’s stands on the corner that was known as Rebel Corner until the fire of 1992.  In July of 1992 Rebel Corner – one of the oldest gift shops in town at that point – burned to the ground with the rest of the buildings that were on the block.  In 1995, the Smith family, that owns Blaine’s opened Ronnie Milsap’s Keyboard Cafe on the site of the old Rebel Corner.  In 1998, they changed the name, the look and the feel of Milsap’s to Blaine’s and the reputation and the happy guests have been growing every year.

The food and atmosphere at Blaine’s is second to none at Blaine’s.  The food, of course, is the main draw.  From the burgers to their desserts you will not leave Blaine’s hungry and you will find that they have something for everyone.  They even have a gluten-free menu for whom gluten is a concern.  One of their menu items that really sticks out is their patty melt.  It might be the best patty melt in East Tennessee – 5 pound patty, rye bread, Swiss cheese, grilled onions, grilled mushrooms, 1000 island dressing and grilled to perfection.  The ribs at Blaine’s are also a crowd pleaser, bringing in the local and the tourist alike.  And then, there is their dessert menu.  The menu items for the sweet tooth isn’t long but it is wonderful.  Try their fried ice cream if you go there and have room for dessert, it is to die for.

Blaine’s is one of the most happening spots in Gatlinburg after the sun goes down and it is no different on New Years Eve.  With the focus of everyone’s attention being on the Space Needle and the dropping of the ball, Blaine’s sells out fast and offers four different packages for your New Years entertainment:

  • Premier Dinner – Prime Rib or Chicken for dinner, bottle of champagne, party favors, reserved seating and a confetti drop at midnight.
  • Dance Floor – Prime Rib or Chicken for dinner, bottle of champagne, party favors and a confetti drop at midnight.
  • Sports Bar – glass of champagne, party favors, appetizer buffet and a midnight confetti drop
  • General Admission – glass of champagne, party favors and a midnight confetti drop
All of these packages sell out quickly so if you are planning on spending New Years in Gatlinburg and you want to have the most fun possible, make your reservations soon.

Looking for good food and good fun while you are in Gatlinburg?  Looking for a special place to spend time with that special person?  Looking for some fun at night after the sun is down? Look no further then Blaine’s!

Blaines Grill & Bar
812 Parkway #105
Gatlinburg, TN

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