Donut Friar

As you walk through the shopping area in Gatlinburg called The Village your nose will be invaded by the smell of doughnuts and pastries, breakfast favorites and coffee from the one and only Donut Friar.

The Donut Friar has been a breakfast or anytime tradition in Gatlinburg for generations.  The quaint little shop on the corner inside The Village supplied doughnuts, coffee, pastries and more to people as they shop.  It is a great place to start the day for breakfast and during the day, as you roam through the alleys of The Village, a nice spot to break for a few minutes and grab a snack.  They have seating near the counters on the bottom level and more seating in the area up above the shop.  And though the seating is nice after you have been walking for a long time while shopping, it is nothing compared to the food.

Of course, the doughnuts are the best.  Glazed, cake, filled and jellies – virtually every kind of donut you could ever want or desire. Past the cases of fresh-made donuts are the pastries and breads.  Bearclaws, danishes, and their ever popular cinnamon bread.  You might find that you are headed back to the Donut Friar another morning to get more cinnamon bread or maybe right before you check out of your hotel – cinnamon bread for the road.  And to go with the doughnut or pastry of your choice – coffee, espresso or cappuccino.  Made to order, these specialty drinks go along great with the sweet, rich, sugary goodness of the doughnuts and pastries.

Drop by the Donut Friar next time you are walking the streets in Gatlinburg.  Follow your nose into the Donut Friar and eat.  Eat a doughnut and a bearclaw and get some cinnamon bread to take with you.  Add the Donut Friar to the places you visit each and every time you go to Gatlinburg.  Get up early for breakfast one day (they open at 5am, someone will already be there in line).  Start your day out right with doughnuts and breakfast sweets made with love and attention to decadence.

Donut Friar
634 Parkway #15
Gatlinburg, TN

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