The Lodge at Buckberry Creek Restaurant

Fine Dining Atop the Smokies!

Let’s say that you have come to the Smokies with that special someone and you are looking for the exact ‘right’ place to eat.  Maybe your trip is for a honeymoon in Gatlinburg, maybe it is an anniversary or maybe you just want a romantic meal.  There is really only one place to go:  the restaurant at The Lodge at Buckberry Creek.  Great scenery, great service and the food is to die for.  A dining experience at Buckberry Lodge is something that you will remember for years to come.

The Lodge at Buckberry Creek is located up, above Gatlinburg on Campbell Lead Road.  If you take the Gatlinburg Bypass, you will come across Campbell Lead road at the top of the bypass.  Here is one of the best parts of the adventure to the Lodge at Buckberry Creek:  you get to make the drive into the Smokies and have the reveal of this glorious little lodge in the mountains.  You will fall in love with the lodge.  The setting is perfect and the view of the valley from the outdoor restaurant tables will leave you speechless.

The service at Buckberry is impeccable and starts from the first minute you step through the door.  After you park you are going to head to the check-in office which doubles as the lobby for the restaurant as well.  Hopefully you have made reservation in advance, because they do fill up with guests of the lodge, very quickly.  If you have reservations, they will have your table ready.  If it is nice outside, I recommend sitting on the deck so that you can see the view, which is spectacular.  Here is where you know that you are at a fine dining restaurant, the menu changes daily (more on that later) and the staff knows that menu backwards and forwards.  They will answer any question that you have make you fill like you are the only person at the restaurant.

And the menu is the main draw.  The chef’s at Buckberry change the menu everyday.  The changes are based not only on what is fresh and seasonal but also on what the chef’s want to cook.  They love their jobs and they love to share their joy of cooking with guests and locals alike.  They do have some items that tend to stay on the menu.  Their Beef Tenderloin is fantastic each and every time that you have it.  Tender, juicy, perfectly cooked this is beef taken to an art form.  At almost every sitting, the chef will also send out a special to the table, this is may be something new from the chef that he is working on for a future appetizer or entree or it might just be something special for the night.  Artisan breads, perfectly cooked seafood and in general perfect culinary creations are the fame of this restaurant high above Gatlinburg.

You are going to want to have that one perfect special meal while you are visiting the Smoky Mountains.  Make The Lodge at Buckberry Creek that meal.  Call ahead and make reservations.  Sit outside, especially if it is fall.  Enjoy the peace and serenity of the location and the setting.  Of course, you are also going to experience the professional service and great food of a top notch restaurant.

The Lodge at Buckberry Creek
961 Campbell lead Rd
Gatlinburg, TN

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