Wild Plum Tea Room

Are you looking for some place different to eat while you are in Gatlinburg?  Or, maybe like a lot of people you have heard of the Wild Plum Tea Room and have just never made the time to go there?  Well, drop what you are doing and get to the Wild Plum Tea Room right now.  You are in for something special and a unique experience in the Gatlinburg area.

The Wild Plum Tea Room is modeled after the teahouses in the mountains of Austria.  The idea with these teahouses was to have a place for people to gather, eat, talk and have a good time.  The food they ate was prepared off of whatever was in season and fresh, this is the same with the Wild Plum Tea Room.  They buy fresh and prepare something new all the time.  Depending on the season, depends on what you are served.  As the calendar moves forward and they harvest from their garden and buy from local farmers, the menu changes ever so slightly, day to day.  Also like those teahouses, it is a quaint shop with limited seating so it is always wsie to call ahead and make reservations.  Also when you call, you can find out what they have on the menu for the day.

Some of the menu items that you will see throughout the year include:

  • Homemade Pimento and Cheese
  • Sherried Tomato Bisque
  • Lobster Pie
  • Salmon Burger
  • Hommade Chicken Salad
Of course, you can always get their Wild Plum tea for which they are named.  This tea is served hot or cold and is a specialty of the house.  The hint of plum in the tea really brings out a different flavor that is surprising and wonderful.
If you have decided to take a ladies outing into the Smokies, the Wild Plum Tea Room might be the highlight of your trip.  It is a good place to have a wonderful meal and a the staff will make you feel like you are the only people in the room.  And gentleman, if you think because of the name that you will leave hungry, you could not be further from the truth.  They will fill you up with some of the best food you are going to find in Sevier County.  You are going to go to the Great Smoky Arts and Crafts Community while you are in town.  While you are there shopping, go to the Wild Plum Tea Room.

Wild Plum Tea Room
555 Buckhorn Road
Gatlinburg, TN

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