Gatlinburg Pet Friendly Cabins

A guide of the best pet friendly cabin rentals in Gatlinburg, TN. If you’re looking for Gatlinburg pet friendly cabins or chalets to bring your dog, cat, or other pet to then this is your guide to the best pet friendly cabins in Gatlinburg, TN!

If you have a puppy, dog, cat, kitten, or other pet then you most likely treat them like a regular part of the family. If you’re looking to bring your pet(s) with you on your next Tennessee vacation to Gatlinburg or Pigeon Forge then I highly suggest looking into Gatlinburg pet friendly cabins. Whether you have a kitten or a 150lb Old English Mastiff, there is bound to be a Smoky Mountain cabin rental in Gatlinburg that will accommodate your pet.

The list below contains only the highest rated pet friendly cabin rentals in Gatlinburg, TN. The first set are the cabin and chalet rentals that consistently get good reviews and remain highly recommended. The others that follow are also recommended, but aren’t discussed as widely…it’s not that their bad…they just don’t get as much word-of-mouth as the first few. If you have comments on any of the following cabins (or if you know of other pet-friendly cabins around Gatlinburg, TN) please share your thoughts in the comment section at the bottom of this page!

The Best Pet Friendly Cabins in Gatlinburg, TN:

Sugar Maple Cabin Rentals
Sugar Maple offers pet friendly cabins.

Gatlinburg Cabins Online
Accepts large pets in some cabins.

Majestic Mountain Vacations

Other Pet Friendly Cabin Rentals in the area:

Sherwood Forest Resort

If you have stayed at any of the Gatlinburg, TN cabin rentals listed above during your Gatlinburg Tennessee vacation, please share your experience with others in the comment section below! Also, if we have missed a great cabin rental in Gatlinburg that is pet-friendly, please mention them below and we’ll get them added to the list. Be sure to check out information on Pigeon Forge cabins as well.

19 thoughts on “Gatlinburg Pet Friendly Cabins”

  1. My husband and I, and another married couple, reserved two cabins in January of 2009, for a mid-July stay. During the booking process, we continually told the reservationists that we were travelling on motorcycle and required paved roads and level parking for our bikes. We were continually reaffirmed that the cabins we reserved were motorcycle friendly/safe. To make a long story short, we should have been driven up to the cabins by management in a vehicle other than our motorcycles. We were given some handmade maps and directions, given the keys, after they had collected our rental fee(s). As a parting word, the reservationist also told us that if we were unhappy with the cabins/locations, they would re-locate us in other cabins. The cabins were up, Up, UP in the hills, on winding, narrowing, paved roads. The degree of the incline was almost perpendicular to the mountainscape. This was challenging for tourists in cars and treacherous for bikers. We immediately informed the office that we would require other lodging. Upon attempting to turn the bike around on the “flat surface” (which it was not) our bike went down. The office was notified. Their response? “Come down so we can set you up with something else”. HELLO?! Our bike went down! We called for a tow, which entailed two trucks, one a lift, another a crane, to take our bike down. It was the kindness of strangers who drove the two women passengers down, while their husbands spent frustrating and neverous hours trying to remove themselves, and the remaining bike from this very dangerous situation. Bottom line, no one at the office even offered us a sip of water, or showed any concern nor consideration for us. We requested that the owner/manager come to the office. He was totally unsympathetic. When told that the rental company was responsible to its renters for full and total disclosure of the rental properties, including the terrain, he stated that the responsibility lay in the hands of the one holding the handle bars. But for the grace of God and the protection of the Guardian Angels, we could have died on that mountain side. Our bike’s damage amount is over $3,000, we paid out of pocket for a rental car for the week, and money to the local Harley Davidson dealer to get our bike road ready for our return trip home at the end of the week. I am appalled at the lack of humanity shown to us, the total disregard for our health and well-being, and the blatant lies that the cabins’ locations were biker friendly and safe. As a side note: just because a cabin lists all the amenities, it does not necessitate that they are all usable or accessible. Also, be aware that the renter will be charged a $20 fee for reserving a cabin, and $40 cleaning fee. One would assume that responsibililty lies with the rental office. Especially having to pay a so-called “process fee” for reserving one of the cabins?? Be careful who you rent from. In particular, avoid Fireside Chalet like the plague.

  2. We usually stay at Jackson Mountain Homes. They are very clean and nicely decorated and have alot of pet friendly cabins-check out the article on Gatlinburg in Southern Living magazine!

  3. My husband & I stayed in a 1 bedroon cabin @ mountain shadows resort about 5 years ago. We have 2 small dogs. They only charged us for 1 dog. Not very many places for them to go potty outdoors but they were great! Our dogs are our family & never would have gone on vaca unless we could take them. Thank you sooooo much!

  4. Do you have any pet friendly 1 bedroom cabins available Dec 27-30 for around $100.00?

    Thanks, Louise

  5. do not stay at Great Outdoors Cabin Rentals.We payed 500.00 and got roaches and we had to clean up the people before us,big mess.They didnt even clean the cabin.When I called about the dirty cabin she said,Dont you have a vacume.WOW!!!

  6. I feel like the only way to stay in Gatlinburg is if you stay in a log home rental. You can really feel like a local and experience the environment the way it was meant to be experienced.

  7. I am desperatly looking for a 1 bedroom cabin that will sleep 3 adults, and allow me to bring my 2 50lb well behaved dogs for around 800-900$ for 4 night between April 5-9 2012. I am having no look just seeing if anyone on here can help?

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