A Jann Peitso Art

Jann Peitso is a watercolorist and a lover of all things East Tennessee. She uses the mountains, the cities and the people as a stepping off point to create art.  She uses vibrant color to produce paintings and characters that warm the heart and delight the soul.  She has characters like Bootsie and Gussie Mae covering the walls of her gallery and of course her other works of art including her renderings of quilts are just as original and perfectly befitting this artist of the Great Smoky Arts and Crafts Community.

Gussie Mae and Bootsie are probably the two most memorable works that Jann Peitso has ever produced.  Gussie Mae is a personified flamingo.  She is the personification of all the women that survive the bumps of life and come out on the top.  Jann’s humor and wit really shine through in the Gussie Mae works and she has become a bit of a collectors piece for those that have been drawn to her long-legged antics.  Bootsie is another character all together.  Bootsie is the angle in your family that helps you keep up with all those important dates, wonderful people and helps us all to plan ahead in that time so that we can reach out to other that are in need. These are two of Jann’s most wonderful creations but they are by no means her most wonderful art.

It is in Jann’s ability to capture the beauty in nature and mix that with an artists ability to add the abstract that really sets her work apart.  She can take every twist and turn of a leaf or a tree and then add these vibrant colors to the image that make it leap off the page.  Her ability to take the trees and pieces of flora from the mountains of the Smokies and make them something even more spectacular, to put on paper her feelings when she sees a simple leaf and the colors that might just be her interpretation of fall is striking and lights up any room.  Jann is also fond of quilt blocks and she uses her watercolor abilities to re-interpret these age old country creations into wall hanging pieces of art that will compliment any decor.

A Jann Peitso has a gallery in the Great Smoky Arts and Crafts Community on Glades Road.  If you head out of Gatlinburg on the way to Cosby, you will pass Glades Road about 11 miles from traffic light #3 on Hwy 321 or Parkway East, whichever you want to call it.  Usually she is in the gallery so while you are shopping and browsing you can actually talk to the artist that produced the art that decorates the walls and might, decorate your home as well.  Stop by and say hey to Jann.  Tell her how much you love Bootsie the Angel and Gussie Mae.  Pick up some prints and take a little of this wonderful artist home with you.  They might help you remember a special trip to the Smokies.

A Jann Peitso Art
170 Glades Road
Gatlinburg, TN

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