Beef Jerky Outlet

Beef Jerky Outlet Franchise specializes in all kinds of beef jerky from original to fiery hot, with over 200 varieties in all. It’s a highlight for many who come to the Smoky Mountains every year.

Besides Gatlinburg, there are 4 other Beef Jerky Outlet stores in the Smoky Mountain including Kodak, Pigeon Forge, and Sevierville. Beef Jerky Outlet stores typically locate close to a strong tourist venue which would classify the Smokies to a tee.

The world’s largest selection of beef, turkey and wild game jerky are available at Beef Jerky Outlets. Once you[‘re there, you won’t believe the number of beef jerky flavors that are available. Bulk jerkycan be found in covered barrels and is sold by the pound, while packs of pre-sealed jerky and pound jerky jars can be found on the shelves. It’s a very simple layout, but one that has proved very effective. The Beef Jerky Outlet doesn’t try to trick their customers with gimmicks. It’s an uncomplicated approach that allows for the best in shopping and service to the customer.

“As a national franchise, we have found the formula for success,” said Scott Parker, founding partner of the Beef Jerky Outlet franchise. “The combination of unique, high quality products and the right location makes for a winner every time. The Beef Jerky Outlet offers a unique selection of jerky, sausage and snack foods. Add in the Dillsboro Chocolate Factory, and you have a consumer fantasyland.

“When folks see the store their eyes light up; they want to get in and see what it’s all about. They come inside and there are 200 or more different kinds of jerky, including exotics like alligator and kangaroo. We have some other items, too–sausages, popcorns, peanut butters–but make no doubt about it: beef jerky is the primary focus.”

In the Smokies, gourmet jerky and smoked meats is an ever-growing market.

“Here at The Beef Jerky Outlet we sell true ¼ lb, ½ lb and 1 lb bags,” Parker said. “Bottom line, we sell USDA Beef Jerky that can’t be bought at markets or convenience stores. All of our suppliers use whole muscle beef which is raised in the United States. We’ve got something that people crave and it’s damn good and tastes great.”

The store offers free samples for those who like to try a wide variety of flavors before purchasing.

“People appreciate the opportunity to experiment a little with the flavors,” Parker said. “They commit to a purchase when they find something they love. The expense of providing samples is very small compared to the sales and customer loyalty it generates.

“If you are looking for a quality franchise that is also social and fun, then we may be the right fit for you.”

The Beef Jerky Outlet Franchise now has 14 active stores across the country. The Franchise is ready for business in most states in the continental USA, as well as Alaska and Puerto Rico. The Beef Jerky Outlet stores offer an excellent opportunity for investors seeking a franchise business with high margin returns on moderate start-up costs.

The newest Beef Jerky Outlet franchise in Pigeon Forge, Tennessee opened just recently in July.

Beef Jerky Outlet, Gatlinburg
636 Parkway, Ste 2
Gatlinburg, TN
(865) 277-9019

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