Celtic Heritage

Our goal is to link You with your own Celtic Heritage

The people that settled the mountains of East Tennessee and Western North Carolina were primarily of Scottish and Irish descent.  If you are trying to rediscover those roots in yourself you can always step through the doors of Celtic Heritage in The Village shopping center in Gatlinburg, TN.  Each and every inch of this quaint shop is covered with Scottish and Irish merchandise from the mother land.  Food stuffs to clothing, accessories to music, Celtic Heritage has a little bit of it all.  And in this shop if it is not Celtic it is not displayed.

As you walk in your eyes will be buffeted by the sheer number of items that they have packed onto the shelves.  At the very front of the store are two display cases that are filled with ornate, traditional Celtic jewelry.  Wedding bands with a Celtic theme, Claddagh rings for both men and women and of course, necklaces and earrings decorated with Celtic knots and trinities.  These pieces of jewelry range from sterling silver to gold and fit every budget.  There are other pieces of jewelry on racks in the rest of the store as well.  These include kilt pins and badges that are designed after the clan crests of the various clans of Scotland.

If jewelry is not your thing start looking through the clothes.  T-shirts proclaiming your favorite nationality (Scottish, Irish or even those from Wales are represented).  Glengarries for those that want a pipe band feel, bonnets and plaid ivy caps for those that would like to keep their heads warm.  You can also get a tie, scarf or a pair of socks in the tartan of your family.  The tartan is the color and design of the kilt plaid that the various clans started wearing to designate themselves from each other.  If you are having a hard time picking out the right tartan for yourself, they also have a book that might help you make a choice based on your last name.

Among the other pieces of the merchandise on the shelves are foods from over the pond.  Shortbread cookies, sweets and drinks that have been imported to give you a taste of the motherland.  Candy bars that never see the inside of a vending machine on this side of the Atlantic are there for the purchasing.  You can try something new, something that you and your kids might never get a chance to try again.  One thing that I can recommend is the Irn Bru.  Irn Bru is known as the traditional drink of Scotland.  Think of it as a mountain Dew mixed with an Orange Crush.  Plenty of caffeine and plenty of sugar in this drink to keep you going all day and it is a decidedly Scottish beverage.

Pay a visit to Celtic Heritage.  They are located in The Village.  This shopping center has more then its fair share of shopping and dining possibilities.  If you go through The Village to the very last shop on the right you have found Celtic Heritage.  Spend some time at this unique, wonderful shop.  Get in touch with the Celtic side of things.

Celtic Heritage
634 Parkway #26
Gatlinburg, TN

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