Life According to Jake

Life is Good

Life According to Jake is Gatlinburg’s local Life is Good neighborhood shoppe.  They have all of the Life is Good paraphernalia that you could possibly want and plenty of their own items as well.  Life is Good is not only an optimistic outlook on life but a great way to show your optimism and your vest for the brighter side.  In Life According to Jake, all of the items feature the Life is Good ideas and you walk out a billboard for a better outlook on life in general.

Life is Good is a New England based apparel company that started in 1994.  It is known for its Life is Good t-shirts and lifestyle items that make you feel good about the saying on your shirt.  The smiling stick figure on most of the shirt is named Jake and thus, that is why the shop in Gatlinburg is known as Life According to Jake.  The Life is Good company expanded their product line and now they are seen in more then 4,000 retail locations around the country and in 30 other countries worldwide.  Since brothers Bert and John Jacobs started the company (in a booth at a street fair), they have made this company into a nationwide phenomenon.

Life According to Jake has ll of the Life is Good apparel and gift concepts along with those that are themed for the mountains:  hiking in the Smokies, backpacking, kayaking the Smoky Mountains and the like.  You can pick up all of those Life is Good gifts that you need for those folks back home or get your optimism on and grab yourself some Life is Good gear.  Walk through the streets of Gatlinburg feeling that Life is Good, that life is better then it was before you went through the door of Life According to Jake.

Life According to Jake
634 Parkway #9
Gatlinburg, TN

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