Lisa Deater Gallery

One of Gatlinburg’s best artists is going to be closing her shop in November of 2012.  Lisa Deater, part sculptor – part painter – all artist has been a member of the Great Smoky Arts and Crafts Community for years.  Her gallery is home to prints, paintings and sculptures of every shape and size and her themes range from the beach to the mountains and everything in between.


Lisa Deater captures beauty in all of her paintings but her ability to capture the human form and the natural is remarkable.  One of her paintings, called At Rest, is a great example of this.  The painting shows a woman in a red dress sitting in the floor.  Her legs are splayed out in front of her, her dress pools around her in plumes and peaks and valleys of fabric.  The features of her face are very simple and very demurely drawn.  The design and the attention to detail is simple wonderful.

She also has a series of beach paintings.  The figures again are very stylized and the faces are almost always hidden, giving a bit of a mystery to the figures.  The beaches always seem very windy and you can almost swear that you can feel the spray blowing off the water onto the faces of the people on the beach.


Lisa Deaters sculptures tend to focus on animals, most of which are based on those that reside here in the National Park.  From bunnies to bears and everything in between, these sculptures capture the animals at play, lounging and of course just standing there with a curious expression on their faces.  By far the pieces that I find the most interesting are the bears.  From the ones that are called the GatlinBears to the ones that are a tad more realistic, all of Lisa’s bears are wonderful and fun to look at.  The GatlinBears – of which there are currently three, are named and they all have that touch of Gatlinburg in there settings and in there demeanor.  These three bears would look great setting on any shelf or cabinet or really anywhere in your house.

Lisa Deater is currently in the process of closing her gallery on Glades Road.  She is wanting to focus more on her art then on running a gallery.  She is going to be creating more and delighting her fans both old and new with sculptures and paintings alike.  You can call her or email her and visit her studio to see what she is working on and you can always visit her online gallery to see what she has to offer.  If you happen to be in the Gatlinburg area during the month of November, you can stop by and take advantage of the moving sale.

Lisa Deater Gallery

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