Lorelei Candles

One craft that you will see throughout the Gatlinburg area is hand-carved and hand-crafted candles.  Since people first came to this area they have made candles to provide light during the night and now crafters like Lorelei Candles are bring this art form to tourist that come to the area every year.  Whether you are looking for a souvenir to take home or if you are looking for a candle for that special occasion, Lorelei has a candle to fit every need and desire.

The people of the Smoky Mountains used candles out of necessity.  Their candles were simply but at some point, a wood worker maybe, realized that the candle could be carved.  The wax made a great medium to work with and if you made a cut that you didn’t like that it was easy to repair.  Over time, the candle makers in the mountains learned to work with colors and dyes to produce candles of various colors.  Today, this tradition has continued with the good people at Lorelei Candles.

The Lorelei Candles store on Glades Road is part of the Great Smoky Arts and Crafts Community.  They have been on Glades Road for years and through those years they have done one thing:  made beautiful candles of every description.  From candles shaped like everything from bears to eagles and maybe even famous cartoon mice to hand-carved works of art, the candles from Lorelei defy description.  The wedding candles they offer might be the most beautiful thing in their store.  The candle is dipped in many colors, forming layers of wax that, when carved give a layered affect and the, in turn, make a beautiful unity candle on your special day.  Coming in both scented and unscented varieties, the candles at Lorelei are a treat for he nose as well as a treat for the eyes.

Make a stop by Lorelei Candles the next time you visit Gatlinburg.  This is not only a great place to get candles for that candle lover on your shopping list but it can be a good way to feel your home with light and warmth and of course, works of art, carved from wax.

Lorelei Candles
331 Glades Road
Gatlinburg, TN

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