Magnet-O-World has closed. The information below is maintained for historical purposes.

If you have been to Magnet-O-World, you probably never thought you would walk into a store that looks like the front of your grandmother’s fridge.  But that is exactly what Magnet-O-World looks like.  Magnets cover ever surface and are stuck to everything metal in the store.  Boasting more then 100,000 magnets, your might find yourself drawn through the door.

The good folks that run Magnet-O-World, do posses a certain magnetism.  They have stocked their store with magnets of every shape, size and variety imaginable.  They have also taken the time to cover the walls with metal so that they don’t have to have shelves and racks to put their merchandise on, they just stick them straight on the wall.  The sight of all the magnets and the fact that they are literally making up a mosaic on the walls, makes this retail store a destination when you are walking the Parkway through Gatlinburg.  Magnet-O-World is located very near traffic light 7 in Gatlinburg, so it is minutes from many of the hotles and motels in town and you are going to pass it at some point so head inside.

One thing that want polarize the visitors to Magnet-O-World is the cost.  These are magnets, everybody has a fridge in their house.  And some of the people in your life are stuck on magnets.  They collect them, they love them, they want them and Magnet-O-World has them, this is an easy shopping trip to fill in all those people that you need to get a souvenir for.  The magnets are themed for the Smokies.  The magnets are divided into different sections – movies, tv, art, nostalgia.  You will find magents for those people that are hard to buy for and if you are just needing something quick to remind you of the best trip you ever had to Gatlinburg, TN then Magnet-O-World might be one place that literally has everything you could need for those loved ones you left at home, all in one place.

Make a trip to Magnet-O-World.  Pick up something to remind you of your trip to the mountains.  Pick up something to remind your friends of the fun time you had.  Get pulled into Magnet-O-World in downtown Gatlinburg.

Magnet O World
738 Parkway #3
Gatlinburg, TN

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