More Than A Candle

A great place to stop while you are shopping in the Great Smoky Arts and Crafts Community is a little place known as More Than a Candle.  This shop is in the Covered Bridge section of Glades Road and is just a brief trip down the road from Hwy 321 and downtown Gatlinburg.  For 9 years now, More Than a Candle has been bringing their mix of handmade soy candles and soaps to people visiting the area and locals and the people that shop with them have loved their wares and have taken them places near and far across the country.

More Than a Candle makes soy candles right in their own shop. Soy candles, if you are not familiar with them are made from soybean wax.  Soybean wax is all natural and is a renewable resource. It creates jobs and keeps hard working farmers working.  Another nice thing about this style of candle is that due tot he soybean wax and oils that are used, these candles burn cleaner and stay smelling good for much longer then a regular candle.  All of their candles are made on site.

Their handmade soap is made on site as well.  Their natural soaps are made of natural products and do not contain dyes of any kind.  They make two different kinds of soap:  Tea Tree Oil Soap & Lavender Soap.  The tea Tree Oil soap is a natural antiseptic, helping to heal cuts and scraps.  This soap can even help with the treatment of acne, dermatitis and eczema.  With these factors in mind, it is a great soap for people that are dealing with wound treatment or for everyday use.  Lavender soap is known for its ability to ease stress with its aromatherapy properties and it is also used to ease the itching of dry skin.  Of course, with its anti-fungal properties it can help with skin disorders like acne, wrinkles and psoriasis.

Along with these two main products, More Than a Candle also produces gift baskets, the sell candle accessories and of course they have lots of home decor items.  Being able to buy those items to give your house the country or primitive look you can’t do much better then a place that allows you to buy a candle to make your home smell better and the items you need to make your home a cabin away from the Smokies.  More Than a Candle is a one stop shop to give your home a country style facelift, to buy a candle to make your house take on a different olfactory feel and of course you can even pick up some soap, made by hand, like the people used to make it here in the Smokies, decades ago.

More Than a Candle 
849 Glades Road
Gatlinburg, TN

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