Sugarland Cellars

Sugarland Cellars is one of the newest wineries in the Smoky Mountains.  Located near the entrance to the Great Smoky Mountains National Park in Gatlinburg, TN, Sugarland Cellars delivers amazing wine and an equally compelling story about the region through the wines that they produce.  Made on site, their wines are crafted to reflect the beauty and the people of the Smokies.  From wines named from the people that helped to flesh out the GSMNP to those that are named after some of the most popular trails, they are making wines that are above average in every way.

Before we dig into the location and what to expect, let’s look at the selection of wines they are offering now – and remember all of these are made on site.  These wines and the names that have been given to them have been crafted to reflect the region and the majesty of the Smokies.  They have chosen the type sof wines and the ingredients to make these wines with the area in mind, with the mythos of the Smokies in mind and of course, when you get to look out the front door of your business each day at the National Park, it is easy to remember why your business is in Gatlinburg, TN.


Dry Wines

  • 1802 – burgundy style red wine
  • Trillium – floral and tropical white wine

Semi-Sweet Wines

  • Martha Jane Rose – blending of red and white muscadine
  • Baskins Creek Blanc – honey and citrus flavors in this white wine
  • Elkmont – made from loganberries ( a cross between a blackberry and raspberry)

Sweet Wine

  • Wiley Oakley – Concord grapes and blueberry wines make up this sweet wine
  • Mountain Laurel – muscadine sweet table wine
  • Cherry-Kee –  this one will remind you of your Grandmother’s cherry pie
Stepping into Sugarland Cellars, you will notice that the winery is telling the story of the area.  They have tried to gather local items and pieces of the local history to decorate the winery itself.  You will also find yourself in a working winery.  You can take a tour and even meet the people that are making the wines you will taste.  And yes, they will let you taste the wines they make – provided that you have the proper ID.  Check out what they have to offer and taste until you find the exact wine that you are looking for.  The good people that work there will even help you with pairings for food and direct you to what you are looking for to match your next big meal.
Sugarland Cellars is located across from the Park Grill right on the Parkway in Gatlinburg.  If you are headed through town toward the GSMNP, you will see Sugarland Cellars on the right almost to traffic light #10.  When you see the Park Grill on the left, look to the right and you should see their parking lot.  Pull and and take the tour, do some tasting and of course shop in their gift shop.  Take hoe some wine.  Take home some wine themed accessories and get ready to enjoy the newest winery in Gatlinburg.

Sugarland Cellars
1133 Parkway
Gatlinburg, TN

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