The Day Hiker

In my opinion, there is no better find in a small mountain town then a good outfitter.  In Gatlinburg, one of my favorite places to pick up those things that I need while I am on the trail is The Day Hiker.  Located in the The Village, The Day Hiker is easy to find and always a pleasure to visit.  The walls are filled with all the necessities for a hike and somethings that you might not have thought you would find in a shop this size.

The Day Hiker is at the front of The Village in the center of Gatlinburg.  As you walk in, you will pass Ole Smoky Candy Kitchen and then The Day Hiker is immediately on the right.  When you step inside you will begin to explore all of the things you would need to spend a day on the trail.  Here is the funny thing though, the shop is called The Day Hiker but you could get gear to spend much longer on the trails in the Smokies here.  Backpacks to boots, food to trail fashions, literally everything you need for a day hike or a week long stay in the mountains.  But the best thing is that the staff is made up of hikers.

Unlike a lot of the outfitters in the Smokies, this shop is staffed by people that know their stuff.  If you are a novice and you are looking for a nice, quick hike with the kids, they will be glad to answers questions for you.  Maybe you are about to take your first serious hike and you need to pick up a pair of boots that will get you from hear to there.  The good people at The Day Hiker will be glad to make recommendations and point you in the right direction.  Or maybe you are getting ready to start a week long journey into the mountains and you know that your backpack or sleeping bag is not up to the trials of the trail you are going to be on.  Let the staff at The Day Hiker give you the tips you need to have a good time on the trail and not end up shivering in your sleeping bags during the cold nights.

They also have some of the best hiking t-shirts in Gatlinburg.  Funny, thought provoking and well made, you can find that t-shirt for those that could not make the trip.  You can find that shirt that let’s everybody know you spent some time hiking or just grab it for a souvenir of a great trip to the Smokies.  Either way, the selection of t-shirts at The Day Hiker is extraordinary.

If you are planning to hike while you are in the Smoky Mountains, it is always best to be prepared.  Make sure that you have the right gear for the trail you are hiking and of course if you have questions you need to find someone that hikes to ask.  The Day Hiker’s staff certainly has the knowledge and gear to help you have a great time while you are hiking.  Stop and tell them hello.  Ask them some questions and get them talking about the hikes they have taken. You might get a tip or find a trail that you would not have thought to hike otherwise.  The Day Hiker is one of the best outfitters in the Smokies and needs to be on your list of places to shop while you are in the mountains of East Tennessee.

The Day Hiker
634 Parkway #1
Gatlinburg, TN

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