Christ in the Smokies

If you have ever taken River Road in Gatlinburg, you might have noticed a place called Christ in the Smokies.  This museum is a wonderland for people wanting to learn more about Biblical history and experience the Bible stories in life size dioramas.  Combining the museum with a beautiful garden area and the magnificent face of Christ chiseled into marble makes the Christ int he Smokies museum and Gardens a special attraction when you visit Gatlinburg.

The main attraction at Christ in the Smokies is the life-size figures that tell the story of Christ in stark detail.  You will get to stand before a full-size version of the Last Supper, be present for the miracles and of course stand directly in front of the manager during the nativity.  You will get a sense for the personhood and the humanity of Christ as you see Him depicted with people, standing among people and working with them and form them.  There has been great attention to detail and you can see the faith of the people that created the exhibits shine through.  You will feel that you are walking along with the disciples as you walk through the museum.

Along with the main part of the museum, telling the story of the life of Christ, is the garden at the center of the museum.  The garden contains one of the most amazing pieces of art work that you will ever see.  In the center of the garden is a a marble depiction of the face of Christ that seems to follow you as you walk from the right to the left.  Of course, this is just an optical illusion and a tribute to the skill of the artist that chiseled the face out of the stone but it is still amazing to walk from one side to the other in the garden and see the face seem to turn to follow your path.  Many people of spent many of hours watching the reactions of the people as they encounter the the Face of Christ for the first time.  It is a truly powerful and moving experience, especially after leaving the museum itself.

When you are done with the main parts of the museum tour, the dioramas and the gardens, you will be able to take in the gift shop and the exhibit of coins and gems form the Holy Land.  Every visit to the Christ in the Smokies Museum brings you closer to your faith and you will find something more each time you visit.  The Christ in the Smokies Museum and Gardens is easy to find.  It is in the middle of Gatlinburg in River Road.  If you are on the Parkway, headed toward the GSMNP, go to the SkyLift and take a right.  When you come to the traffic light at the bottom of the hill you will be facing Christ in the Smokies.

Christ in the Smokies Museum and Gardens
510 River Road
Gatlinburg, TN

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