5 Reasons You Need to Visit the Gatlinburg Sky Lift

Scenic photo of the city of Gatlinburg taken from the Gatlinburg Sky Lift.

Gatlinburg is a great vacation destination for you and your family. There are so many great places to visit during your trip to Gatlinburg. It may be hard for you to choose which ones will make the cut during your trip. One must see attraction is the Gatlinburg Sky Lift. You may be thinking, “but I am afraid of heights,” or “it does not look safe”. However, both those things are not issues when you are traveling up the mountain on the Gatlinburg Sky Lift.

Safety at the Gatlinburg Sky Lift

First, to tackle the safety issue. Yes, this vintage sky lift looks old, but the owners have heavily invested in the maintenance of this attraction and ensures the safety of all their guests. The towers, tower wheels, cables, chairs, and other essential parts are inspected on a regular basis by an expert safety maintenance supervisor. The attraction has an amazing safety record and guests will feel very safe riding one of the area’s most popular attractions.

Facing Your Fears on the Gatlinburg Sky LiftEmpty sky lift chairs in the air.

Secondly, we know many people are afraid of heights. The fear of heights is actually the third most common fear. However, this attraction is definitely worth facing your fears and riding the 1,800 feet to the top of the mountain. On your way up the mountain, you will see stunning views of the beautiful Little Pigeon River, Bear Run, Mysterious Mansion, downtown Gatlinburg and the surrounding mountains.

What to Expect at the Top of the Mountain

Once you reach the top of the mountain, you are free to explore the area. At the top there is a small souvenir shop, snack bar, viewing area, and picnic tables. The outdoor area provides guests with spectacular views for photo opportunities that you will treasure forever. Then when you decide to leave, you will see even more great mountain views on your way back down. It is said that descent down the mountain has the best views of the whole trip.

Gatlinburg Sky Lift Hours of Operation

The Gatlinburg Sky Lift is open year round. So no matter what time of the year you visit Gatlinburg you and your family will be able to enjoy the beautiful sites at the Gatlinburg Sky Lift.

Cost to Visit the Gatlinburg Sky Lift

For a couple extra dollars you can purchase all-day passes. With the all-day pass you can enjoy the sites of the beautiful mountain views as many times as you like. Visitors can also enjoy the amazing nighttime view of the lights of Gatlinburg, Tennessee.

For more information on the Gatlinburg Sky Lift such as current pricing and hours of operation visit the Gatlinburg Sky Lift by clicking here.  

Empty chairs on a sky lift.Gatlinburg is an amazing destination for your next family vacation. This city is teeming with attractions for everyone in the family to enjoy. So do not forget to check out the many Gatlinburg attractions before your visit to Gatlinburg, to see what you and your family want to check out during your trip to Gatlinburg.

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