Favorite Part of Fall in Gatlinburg, TN

Discover what people love the most about fall in Gatlinburg, TN. Discover the secret places to drive, hike, eat, shop, etc during the autumn season in the Great Smoky Mountains!

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Fall is arguably the best season to experience Gatlinburg, TN and the surrounding Great Smoky Mountains as the air turns crisp, the trees begin to change color, craftsmen flood the area with amazing talent, fireplaces start lighting up, etc. It’s simply an amazing experience with all that the area has to offer during the fall season.

We know what we love about the fall, but we want to hear from you! We want to know what you love most about the fall season in Gatlinburg or the surrounding area. Perhaps it’s a special place you like to drive to or hike. Maybe you have a favorite restaurant you have to visit. Perhaps there’s a particular craftsman or shop that you absolutely have to purchase something from. Or is there a hotel, cabin, or other place that you love to stay at during your fall vacation to the Smoky Mountains? Whatever it is that you love most about fall in Gatlinburg, TN we want to hear it! We want to hear it so much that we’ve made it into a contest!
In order to enter the contest, all you have to do is post your favorite part of fall in Gatlinburg, TN in the comments section at the bottom of this page. Simply share what you love most about the fall season in the Smokies and you’ll automatically be entered! At the end of October, 2008 we will randomly choose one of the comments and award the prize to the author. It may as well be you! It’s really that easy to enter!

So you must be asking, “What do I win?!?” The person that is randomly chosen will receive 2 free admissions to the Miracle Theater AND 2 free admissions to Magic Beyond Belief in Pigeon Forge, TN! This is 2 nights worth of entertainment for 2 people that we’re giving away simply for someone sharing their favorite part of the fall season in the Smokies!

So what are you waiting for? Jump to the bottom of this page and share your favorite part of fall!

50 thoughts on “Favorite Part of Fall in Gatlinburg, TN”

  1. I probably love Fall more than anyone I know. I wait patiently all year long for it to arrive. When it does, I am in “My” glory. The sights, sounds & smells of Fall take me back to a time when life was simple and good. The smells of caramel apples, cinnamon, wood burning and hot chocolate make my heart sing. And then the sights! Hayrides, scarecrows, “Pumpkins”, Halloween and harvest moons define my idea of happiness.
    I tell everyone I should be a poster child for Fall. I even bought an orange convertable volkswagen. I have a personalized tag that says “PUMPKIN”! We have a trip planned to Gatlinburg/Pigeon Forge beginning Oct. 24th and will be there (driving PUMPKIN) for several days. We will let the top down and drive through town in our little orange symbol stating, “We love this time of year!”
    And when we drive through the Smoky Mountains with our top down, we will surely think we have died and went to heaven. And what better place to enjoy Fall? The Smoky Mountains of course! I thank God everyday for creating the splendid and glorious place we call “The Smokies”.
    I always heard God loves color, and when He created the Smoky Mountains, He outdid Himself! It was his crowning Glory finale’…
    Sincerely submitted,
    Debi Pruitt

  2. I love the peaceful feeling that comes to Gatlinburg in the fall. Watching the leaves turn and fall to the ground and the long strolls through God’s beautiful creation gives me a feeling of peace that I can’t find when I am anywhere else.

  3. I have never been to Gatlinburg in the fall. I have been in the Spring and the flowers are beautiful. I have seen pictures of the fall and I Iknow that the seasons are beautiful as it is in the spring becasue God created The Smokey Mountains with love just like every thing else he created. It is always a peaceful place to be.


  5. As a child, vacation wasn’t something our family ever thought of. It just wasn’t possible, my dad worked in a coal mines and had five children. Then, wages were less and money didn’t go as far.
    After adulthood I had been to Pigeon Forge several times, but none of them compared to the times that were with my husband. We planned on a trip in the fall and had no idea what we had been missing. We fell in love with it all. Yes, the tree’s were a beautiful sight but also the smell of all the food and the arts and crafts that were on every corner, it was like an addiction. You couldn’t get enough of everything. So, every year now we plan a trip in the fall but now it’s planned around our children. There’s just nothing that compares to the Smokies in the fall.

  6. Every year my sister and I and sometimes others start our Fall off with a drive to the most beautiful place on earth the Great Smokey Mountains. It usually starts with my sister flying in from Louisiana and then the gorgeous drive from Creedmoor NC to the place we have adopted as our second home away from home. The peace that takes over when you reach those mountains can only be described as coming as close as you can to heaven on earth. Gatlinburg is a place that offers something for everyone. The shopper, with all the gift and craft shops. The family, with it’s Aquarium, 3 D rides, hiking and just learning about nature in it’s purest form. The cabins in the area are just wonderful. There is nothing better then sitting in a rocking chair or in your own privet hot tub on your back porch and looking out at what can only be described as a gift from GOD. The colors of the tree’s are like a painting by God himself. Every time we go and every time we ride around the area there is always something new and breath taking. No picture I have ever taken and no words expressed here today can capture the real beauty and peace that comes over you when you are there. We always like to go into the surrounding areas like Pigeon Forge. We take in a show or two or three. The Miracle Theater is a must see for all ages. We have been to see it three times and have brought other back as well. The admission for children is free. My grand children ages 7 and 9 where glued to the stage and they asked more questions about GOD after the show then they had ever asked in there lives. So if you ever get the opportunity or take my advice, just make the opportunity, take a trip to Gatlinburg TN. The place where friendly people welcome you and your family to come and share there beauty and peace.

  7. My favorite part of fall in the Smoky Mountains is the leaves changing colors. I love looking out across the mountains and seeing the vast expanse of reds, yellows, and oranges. It looks like a carpet of colors! Where we live there are mostly pine trees so we dont get to see a lot of colors.

  8. My favorite part of Fall in Gatlinburg is just the hint of crispness in the air and it brings out the kid in me! Walking down through Gatlinburg, visiting all the attractions and taking pictures of the surrounding Great Smoky Mountains with all the beautiful golds and red colors of the trees. Also, Fall reminds me that Christmas is on its way, and I begin my Holiday shopping at the various selection of shops in Gatlinburg. Gatlinburg always feels like home, and there is no better place to be!

  9. We leave in Richmond, Ky and when we take the drive, in the fall, the leaves just get beautiful the further we go the leaves are turning, we stay at Sunrise Ridge in Pigeon Forge and it set up on a mountain and all around is trees and beautiful leaves as far as you can see. The weather is just right for shopping and the back road are filled with crafts and Halloween decorations are nothing like it.
    My favorite place.

  10. My favorite part of the fall season is the changing of the colors. Admiring the beauty of the mountains, especially driving the loop in Cades Cove really takes you back in time. You visualize the simple life, but also the hardships that the settlers had to live with each day. Farming the lands and just taking in the beauty of the peaceful side was so rewarding each day of their lives. I love the cool crisp air and the beauty that surrouds you, seeing all of Gods creations. My husband and I are actually coming down to Pigeon Forge in November to celebrate our 35th wedding anniversary. We couldn’t think of a better area to spend it. Looking foward to our beautiful rental cabin, the winter lights and going to The Peddler.

  11. Fall in Gatlinburg/Pigon Forge is so exciting to me. My husband and I both love the fall because of the changing of the trees,long walks in the city to see all the lights and the beautiful shops. I feel like a kids at a big toy store. I love the candy stores,the sounds of laughter with all the people busy in the stores, the beautiful decorations of the downtown. Staying in a cabin so high up on the mountain with the wind blowing in my hair not to far from town but just a little ways away so I can see all the lights and shops. To me that’s my favorite part of the Smokies. Your never to young to love all the beauty that God has give us and never to old to play, laugh, sing, feel the wind on your face in the most beautiful place on earth.

  12. I love coming there and looking at the wonderful colors, the smell of the air, I love eating out and not having to clean the house, I like to relax in a nice clean beautiful hotel room and I like getting away from home, although I like coming home too.

  13. There is almost too much to mention. The mountains always bring a sense of peace no matter what is going on in my life. I don’t feel there is anywhere more beautiful on the face of this earth than the Great Smoky Mountains, especially in the fall. The mountains, when they are brushed with God’s paintbrush in the fall is beyond description. The brilliant colors against the crisp, blue autumn sky just does something for my soul. I love to drive around Cades Cove and think back to when generations in the past were harvesting the crops that they had worked so hard to raise during the long summer months. They memories of bringing my parents there. They loved it as did my four sons. Now my dad and one of my boys are in Heaven but I still find such peace in looking out across the fields there as they used to do. In the evenings the smell of wood burning, sipping a cup of hot cider while sitting in the village watching people, families, just enjoying being together, making memories like my family have done. One of my favorite spots is sitting at the Chimney Tops picnic area watching the leaves fall and drift down the stream. If anyone reading this have not been to the Gatlinburg area at all or in the fall, there isn’t a better time to go. Just remember who created all this for us to enjoy and you might take a moment to thank Him for it!!

  14. My husband and I are coming to Gatlinburg/Pigeon Forge in mid-November to celebrate our anniversary, which is November 2. Out of all the places we could celebrate, this is our favorite. We love to rent a cabin (it must have a wood burning fireplace and a hot tub) and drive up to see the beautiful foliage and smell the crisp, clean air. We always get a cabin with Smoky Mountain Chalet, they are beautiful and have a lot of privacy. A perk for this time of year for us is that all the theaters are starting their Christmas shows. That is just icing on the cake. The sights and smells of fall and the excitement and merriment of Christmas all in one awesome place! We love to drive around the area and shop in Gatlinburg and Pigeon Forge. We have had old tyme photos taken several times. That is always fun. Trying out the different restaurants and pancake houses is a treat. You can never get bored with the choices. We are still in the deciding stage regarding which shows we are going to take in this year. We were fortunate enough to have caught Louise Mandrel’s Christmas show before she retired. It was absolutely wonderful! Dixie Stampede and Black Bear Jamboree are high on our list for possibilities this year. And after a day of shopping, sightseeing and taking in a show there is nothing more relaxing than heading back to your cabin and throwing some logs on the fire and getting in the hot tub and looking out over the beautiful mountains. We can’t wait. We are counting the days.
    See you there.

  15. We love the smokies during fall. The colors are gorgeous and it allows us to take time and thank God for His beauty.
    We; as we so many others live in a wonderful place with God’s beauty all around us yet we don’t take time to enjoy unless we get away ..that makes the Smokies even more special. During the fall not only do you get to see and enjoy the colors but there is always fall activities in the Smokies.We love it!!!

  16. hi i love the smokey my friends ask me why do you love the smokey so mush they ask if you could go any where free where would you go i tell them pigeon forge tenn they laugh but that is where i love to go it is so pretty summer winter spring fall me and my husband spent our 40th anniversary there the only thing we just do not have the money to see a lot of shows love the smokey [Regina
    ps and some times the hotels rooms are to high to go

  17. I love,Love, Love, the Smokeys in the fall! It is the most beautiful place here on earth. To walk outside of your cabin in the morning and feel the cool crisp air on your face, the smell of dew and leaves laying on the ground, the beautiful vibrint oranges, yellows, greens,and rust leaves are the most amazing thing to see…. you can here the birds, and wind rustling through the trees, Its so amazing and wonderful. Theres so much to do and see you just dont know where to start… when you go out to shop there so many places to choice from and the food is great… the mountains are so beautiful no matter where you are. God created so much beauty here… everyone must experience it at least once..each time my husband and I and our 3children must leave I cry!! we have such a wonderful time you just dont want to leave..on our way home we are making places for our next trip back…. If you get the chance to go Please do you wont regret it.. theres so much for everyone to see and do No one will go home not happy.I guarntee it!.

  18. Fall is my very favorite time of the year. My birthday is in October and all of my 57 years have been spent beliving God made Fall especially for me. Each year God shows His handywork in the beauty of the colors and the crispness in the air. There’s no better place than to spend time in Gatlinburg and Pigeon Forge during this time of year. One of my favorite places to go is the Apple Barn. I love to check out the different flavors of apples, and then of course to eat Dinner and eat all of that wonderful food.
    One year after my husband and I both had started new jobs we were stressed to the max. For a get away we went to Pigeon Forge. After a long weekend and totally relaxation we were able to return to work refreshed. Thank you for providing such a wonderful place to visit.

  19. I love everything:) It’s hard to pick just one thing — I would say the beauty of nature. It’s amazing and it brings a sense of peace, calm and wonder.

  20. I love the beauty of God’s earth, with the leaves changing color it’s hard not to God everywhere you look. I also love the fall (October ) because it gives me a chance to spend mine and my daughters birthdays together, both in October. Since she moved to Tenn. I don’t get to see her and my 3 year old granddaughter as much as I would like to.

  21. We travel north every year, the air is so much more cleaner and easiler to breathe. The people are so friendly and the mountains are a natural beauty. We started taking our granddaughter last year and she fell in love with it as well. We plan on visiting again this November to visit Santa.

  22. I look forward to my weekend in Piegon Forge and Gatlinburg every year. This is a special weekend for the women in our family. My mother,her sisters, the neices and now the great neices take a our yearly trip to the smokies in October and we have such a wonderful time together. I am so thankful God has allowed us the gift of still having our mother with us. My mother battled a fight with breast cancer 8 years ago and I am so thankful that I still have her with me each day. Every morning when we wake we should thank God for blessing us with another day to live. Our trip to the smokies is a blessing from God that we look forward to and enjoy each year!

  23. My favorite part of fall is visiting Ober Gatlinberg when it has snow on the ground and I get to visit my dad who’s ashes we deposited at the top. I talk to him and pray and just have a wonderful time talking about old times. I miss him so much.

  24. We just got back from Gatlinburg. It was our first time. The mountains and leaving changing was awesome! We stayed at Westgate Resort with sister in law and her in-laws. We enjoyed spending time in Gatlinburg. My niece wanted to go to Magic and Beyond. We were unable to take in the show. Maybe next year she will be able to go the show.

  25. I have been going to Gatlinburg since 1969. It is always a great place to visit. But the fall is so goreous that we can’t resist. If we don’t have a trip planned we will go up just for the day. We only live two hours away and we love the food and shopping also. There has been many a Saturday we will start to work on the house or run errands and my husband will say how about we forget this today and go the Gatlinburg, and of course I always say lets go, I’m with you. There is no place in the world like Gatlinburg.
    The music, the pottery, the food, good people, great place.
    We go at least a week every year sometimes more we have been up there for two weeks already this year plus about 10 day trips. Gas or no gas it’s a great place to be

  26. I love the Great Smoky Mountains during every season of the year. We make it a point to visit the Smokies in its entire splendor at least once a year, this year 4 times. We just love the serenity, peacefulness, and calmness God has created for us all to get pleasure from. The fall time of the year is especially beautiful where God brings a very multi-colored, vibrant coolness to the area with the leaves changing colors and the air having a freshness not felt at any other time of the season. The drive between Cherokee, NC and Pigeon Forge through the mountains and around Gatlinburg is the highlight of our trip. It is simply amazing what God has created for us to appreciate, witness, and enjoy year after year.

  27. Since Fall is my favorite season and Gatlinburg is my favorite place in the whole world, being there in the fall is just perfect. Gatlinburg is the only place where you can get away from everything and step into another world. You can walk around worry free. When the stress of life is too much, I go to Gatlinburg in my mind. Fall there is beautiful. I can just see the golden leaves and the Village and other shops decorated for Fall. How I wish I could be there now.

  28. Fall is a beautiful time to just drive through the Great smokey National Park and take in the beautiful scenery of colors. What a sense of peace comes over me just entering Gods country and that peaceful feeling stays over me just walking through the town, in and out of the shops, meeting and talking to new people. The best part is sitting outside on our balcony overlooking the little pigeon river.


  30. We come to Pigeon Forge/Gatlinburg every fall – and absolutely love it. I get so excited – the minute we get into Tennessee and start to drive across the mountains. The color of nature is just gorgeous. It looks as though GOD just took a paint brush and with one swish of it – colors just hit earth. There’s not a word hardly to describe the splendor – except WOW – surely this is GOD’S marvelous creation!!!! We love every minute of our vacation in the Smokies!!!!

  31. I enjoy going to the Smokies in the fall because the leaves are gorgeous and the crisp air is so refreshing. It reminds me just how great our God truly is. Dollywood in the fall is a gorgeous place to visit and experience the sites and sounds of autumn. I’ve been going to Tn since I was a little girl and I plan on carrying on the family tradition.

  32. i love comeing to pigeon forge during the fall because the changes ofd color are so beautiful but i also love staying at pinecrest for it’s so hospitly there they dont bother and you just relax i like staying on the strip to but its kind of high at certain times of the year i just love the mts period love going to dollywood but couldnt make it this year for my father was at home with me on hospice and passed the 8th of this month was hopeing to come dureing the ligts at dollywood and the street

  33. I have never been in the Smokies in the fall. I have been there in the spring. And its beautiful i loved it We were going to go last fall. But i had two cerebral hemmorages and a stroke and found out i had a rare diease but GOD blessed me im in remission and doing good. So i want to do eveything i can while i can.And going to the SMOKIES in the fall would be a WONDERFUL EXPERIENCE

  34. I love going camping at Yogi Bear Camp Resort. Taking a drive thru the mountains and seeing all of the trees turning colors. What a beautiful place that god has created in the Smokey Mountains. Seeing all the smiles on the faces.Little kids excited knowing that around the corner {Hopefully} they will have their sleds out.The best part is the camping. Getting up early in the morning,starting the camp fire and putting on a pot of coffee. As you are sitting there watching the leaves fall, it reminds us how beautiful our country is. How much more can we be thankful for.

  35. Fall is a great time in Pigeon Forge/Gatlingburg. One thing I really love is the changing of the leaves. It is beautiful to drive and see the changing leaves in colors of red, yellow, and orange. I also love our motel Timbers Log. They let you bring pets and the staff is friendly. They even offer free breakfast. I also lilke the great shows and the Track. it is a great place to be!!

  36. As I reach the Smoky Mountains on an autumn drive from Ohio, the majesty of the mountains and the autumnal colors take my breath away at every bend in the road, at every glorious mountain height, at every peaceful valley view. As I breathe in the crisp autumn air and sense the richness in viewing the cycle of life in nature, I know that God is in His heaven – all is right with the world – and I am home.

  37. WOW! What is there not to love about fall in the Smokey Mountains. We absolutely going to Gatlinburg/Pigeon Forge during this time. From the festivals to the colorful eye candy as the trees change color. But I have to say, my must have is the Christmas Village in Gatlinburg. We love entering the doors on the left side and being greated by the warm smells of Fall. With the Apple Cider, Cinnamon roll and Vanilla scented candles it lets me know the holiday season is here. Then if that’s not enough, you are greeted with the beautiful lights and santas to help ring in the holiday cheer. There is no scrooge that could enter the store and exit without their heart melting. Before I had children it was hard for me to get into the holiday spirit and that is one of my greatest memories, being able to turn my mood around with just one store says alot about the Smokey’s and it’s amazing gifts. My husband and I were married 15 yrs ago at what was then know as Sugarland Wedding Chapel. So our love for the Smokey’s run deeper than they seasons, it’s where we became one with the Smokey’s as our witness. And it’s still standing strong as it always will.

  38. HI, THere is so much to say about the Great Smokey Mountains. I have been going to the smokies since 1980 when I got married the first time. I have two great children and we visit every year more than a few times. I remarried in 2003. My husband know loves it as much as me and my children do. I love the colors of the leaves changing and all the decorations you will seea and letting you know that the holidays are near. It is something the hole family can enjoy. But the best part is the people. There would be no smokie mountains without the wonderful people that actually run the town. They are so nice and make you fell so welcome. I have no complaints so much that I have recently purchased a camper and parked it at the smokey mountains. I have had it for two months and already visited seven times. I would like to thank all the store owners, hotel owners, restaurant owners and the wonderful people who work these business. You are all wonderful people, you are what makes The Great Smokey Mountains.

  39. My favorite season is fall. I love the cool breeze blowing in my face. The leaves changing colors
    & the sound of the leaves as you walk across the ground. I have been married for 20 years. I have two kids and my husband is wonderful. My son and I went to Gatlinburg with his school class and we really enjoyed it. I have always wanted the whole family to go, but my daughter has been sick pretty much her whole life. I could only imagine how beautiful it is in the fall with all the different colors of the leaves with the crisp air blowing. Fall always makes me feel emotional because when the air gets cooler, I know the holidays are getting closer and even though with all the doctor bills we can’t afford much for the kids for Christmas I know we will be together and get to spend time with each other. I took care of my mother-in-law the best I could until she passed then her mother passed not long after. I know loved ones we have lost gets to visit us around the holidays. I guess that is why fall is the best season of all because the holidays are not far away and everything changes.

  40. There is no better place to be than in the hills of Tennessee. The colors of the trees fill our face with smiles and our hearts with song. We just visited Pigeon Forge, Gatlinburg and Sevierville October 12-17. What thrills me most are that the streets are filled with autumn decorations all the way through the parkway and at each business. It’s a great feeling to know so many care about the visitors to their city and want to make us feel so welcomed. Thanks to every one there for your friendly hospitality. God Bless and see you again soon.

  41. Fall is my favorite time of year. As I have gotten older, married and had children we do alot of fallish activities. Our favorite fall thing is coming to Pigeon Forge for the week of Thanksgiving. 2008 will be our 8th year. We are hoping this will be a tradition that our children will continue with their children long after we are gone.

    We do some shopping, take in some shows and enjoy the time together away from it all. One constant in the whole trip is how nice the people of Pigeon Forge are to us. Everyone is always so nice and welcoming and it makes us want to come back every year.

    Thank you people of Pigion Forge you are the best.

  42. My favorite part of fall in the Smokey Mountains – well, its being there. I love driving through the park or start out on a side road and seeing all the colors. Only God could make such a beautiful scene. One could not count all the different colors of the trees. I love the cool, crisp air. Seeing the beautiful decorations, and looking for bear at Cade’s Cove. We live 8 hours away, but come fall, the mountains start calling my name. We have been there almost every year for the past 15 to 20 years. Sometimes we wait until November to go so that we can see the Christmas lights. I love just about everything about Gatlinburg and the Smokey Mountains.

  43. My husband loved the mountains. As we have aged, he loves it even more than ever. I would love to win this contest to give him a big treat. He is 62 yrs old and has work hard all his life. I know it would mean the world to him.

  44. I absolutely love Gatlinburg and Pigeon Forge in the fall. The leaves are amazing and their colors will take your breathe away. Every springbreak my mother, my grandmother and my daughters go to Pigeon Forge for the week. Before I became a mom I took my grandmother, my mom, my aunt and my cousin one fall. We were driving over to Gatlinburg and we pulled off to just enjoy the scenery. It was probably around 50degrees mid october and we decided to roll our pants legs up and walk in the creek. The temp of the water was probably 20degrees. We loved it.We laughed at my Grandmother for an hour. My grandmother passed away August 18th, 2008 and I will always be thankful for our Gatlinburg/Pigeon Forge memories that we shared. Thank you Gatlinburg Winter-Spring-Summer-and Fall.

  45. My love of Gatlinburg in the fall is two-fold. My husband (of 30 years) and I were married 10/21/78 and chose October because we both love fall. We love the colors, the crisp weather, and the smells of drying leaves, pumpkin pies, and apple cider; all of which abound in Gatlinburg/Pigeon Forge. We come to Gatlinburg/Pigeon Forge not only to celebrate our love of each other and our love of fall, but also to kick off the Christmas season. I start decorating the day after Halloween and decorate every room in our house.(yes, I am a Crazy Christmas Lady). Every year we make our annual fall trip to TN and are joined by our daughter, son-in-law and “grandpuppy” Gus. We stay at the wonderful LaQuinta in PigeonForge where they welcome Gus with open arms. This year will be especially memorable because joining us will not only be my daughter and family…but so will my parents. We can’t wait, Fall in Gatlinburg is a little piece of heaven.

  46. Fall is my favorite time of the year. The days start getting cooler and the leaves start changing colors. I haven’t had the experience of seeing Gatlinburg in the fall. I could only imagine the beauty of the trees and the hills loaded down with leaves on the ground.The sense of wood buring from chimneys. Fall is the most relaxing time of the year, because the Holidays are right around the corner. Family and friends get together before the holidays to go shopping for xmas. I don’t have family close around. I have my husband I love dearly. We have been married 19 years and two wonderful kids. We don’t get out much for money reasons and have never been to Gatlinburg together. I would love to visit as a family so my daughter and husband could have the experience. My daughter has been sick her whole life and we have been struggling with doctor bills.

  47. WOW! Gatlinburg in the fall, it is absoutly beautiful. My husband and I travel to Gatlinburg as often as possible. We live in a small town in Alabama. Both of our work schedules can be fairly hetic. I work 2 jobs and he is Military, so it is always a blessing whenever we can make the trip to the Smokies. We are planning a trip there in just a few weeks, just to relax and enjoy the beautiful sites there and take in a show or two. I always have to shop at the Christmas shops, my husband kids me saying I have just as many trees on our home for the Christmas holidays as does the Shops there, but not really only abotu 2 dozen throught the house,all decked out and each with a different theme.
    However fall is the Smokies is just amaziing, so calming and beautiful, I could live there for ever. I have told him that when he gets out of the military I want to live there. But we will see. He will be going back to Iraq one more time before he retires, and then after that we won’t have any travel restrictions and we can go as often as we can.

  48. I have traveled to the Smokies since my honeymoon in 1975. Some people can leave and never look back. Not me. There is something about the air, the feel of the mountains that makes me at peace. Not just at home but at peace. My family lived in Sevierville for 2 years, my husband couldn’t locate a job but I worked for Dollywood. The most amazing experience for me and my children. The leaves, the colors, the fog, the shear amazement to look at the mountains on a daily basis can not be topped. I am thankful each and every time I am there. For me, anytime I can be in the Chimneys, with the rushing water and the beautiful fall colors, that’s as close to heaven as I can get.

  49. My favorite memories of the Great Smokey Mountains are from my childhood. My grandparents would take us there every year for vacation. On our way there we’d listen to Pappaw’s Kenny Rogers cassette tape. We always stayed in Pigeon Forge and drove up the mountain to have picnics at the creek. My grandparents are both in heaven now. A few years before my Babbaw passed away I was able to take her back to Gatlinburg with my Mom and Sister and it was truly a blessing to be back. I will always hold the memories of Gatlinburg and the Smokeys in my heart.

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