Preparing for Wintery Weather

It’s no secret that anyone coming to the Smoky Mountains during the winter months usually keeps a close eye on the forecast leading up to their stay. Gatlinburg Cabin Rental companies are no different. Companies like Gatlinburg Cabins Online are always working to stay a step ahead of any issues that may come about because of the weather.

As a priority, Gatlinburg Cabins Online attempts to keep all their guests abreast of the chance for wintery weather before they arrive and during their stay.

Just a few short years ago, one neighboring company experienced one of the worst case scenarios: hundreds of visitors stuck in their cabins just outside Pigeon Forge, some for 3-4 days before they were reached. It’s a situation Gatlinburg Cabins Online and other Gatlinburg Cabin rental companies want never to happen again.

And while this is usually the slow time of the year for cabin rentals, that doesn’t mean that there aren’t guests still checking in. Some prefer the quieter, slower months in order to enjoy the Smokies.

Many cabins found at Gatlinburg Cabins Online are located in the hills surrounding Gatlinburg, some within even a stone’s throw from Ober Gatlinburg ski resort. No matter what the weather report says, during the winter months be prepared for anything. Power can go out with the first icicle and pipes can freeze up within minutes.

Many companies even ask their guests pack an extra supply of food and blankets if the power goes out. Some people even bring their own firewood if they know they’re renting a cabin with a fireplace.

If bad weather does hit, most companies including Gatlinburg Cabins Online ask that their guests stay in their cabins until local road crews can get snow or ice cleared. Around here, road crews are ready at a moments notice for the onset of a snowy or icy forecast.

However, it is encouraged if you do own a four-wheel drive vehicle, or have chains to put on your vehicle, to drive it here for your stay.

At Gatlinburg Cabins Online, guests are going to be aware of the possibility of winter weather. And if there is a possibility, guests can be moved to cabins in lower elevations if need be.

Cabins at Gatlinburg Cabins Online have already been pretreated for wintery conditions with salt available should the need arise in the future.

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