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The best places to shop in Gatlinburg, TN. Read an insider’s reviews and tips on where to go, when to go, and where to park!

Gatlinburg Farmer’s Market

Fresh is back and green is good along the Parkway in Gatlinburg this summer as the Gatlinburg Farmer’s Market prepares for another eventful season starting Saturday, May 11.

Each participating vendor will have their own locally grown or made fares for sale and/or sampling, and all promoting healthy mountain living. The Gatlinburg Farmers Market will be open each Saturday from 8 – 11:30 am in the Alamo Steakhouse parking lot at 705 East Parkway through October 12.

Last years opening day events at the farmer’s market included a demonstration of stained glass cutting and assembly techniques by Talking Turkey Studios. Vendors that day included Ely’s Mill – honey; Catskill Farm – garlic, walnuts, vegetables, cut herbs; Gourmet Creations – sauces, pie mixes, soup mixes; Wildflower Bake Shop – home made breads and pastries; and Valerie Dixon – produce and blackberries. A number of vendors are expected back for another go-round this year.

The Gatlinburg Farmers Market started as a dream and a vision to provide residents and visitors with fresh, local produce for fair pricing while supporting and stimulating the local economy.

You’ll find all Gatlinburg area growers and supporters from Sevier and Cocke counties at the market. Of course, the market was established to shine its light on fresh area produce and homemade products offered locally and in an atmosphere focused on food, lifestyle, technology, and major event productions in this area.

Directions to the Gatlinburg Farmers Market: From stop light No. 3 in Gatlinburg, turn south onto Hwy 321 toward Cosby, the Gatlinburg Farmers Market is located about a mile down the road on the left in the Alamo Steakhouse parking lot.

Visit the Gatlinburg Farmer’s Market online at

Beef Jerky Outlet

Beef Jerky Outlet Franchise specializes in all kinds of beef jerky from original to fiery hot, with over 200 varieties in all. It’s a highlight for many who come to the Smoky Mountains every year.

Besides Gatlinburg, there are 4 other Beef Jerky Outlet stores in the Smoky Mountain including Kodak, Pigeon Forge, and Sevierville. Beef Jerky Outlet stores typically locate close to a strong tourist venue which would classify the Smokies to a tee.

The world’s largest selection of beef, turkey and wild game jerky are available at Beef Jerky Outlets. Once you[‘re there, you won’t believe the number of beef jerky flavors that are available. Bulk jerkycan be found in covered barrels and is sold by the pound, while packs of pre-sealed jerky and pound jerky jars can be found on the shelves. It’s a very simple layout, but one that has proved very effective. The Beef Jerky Outlet doesn’t try to trick their customers with gimmicks. It’s an uncomplicated approach that allows for the best in shopping and service to the customer.

“As a national franchise, we have found the formula for success,” said Scott Parker, founding partner of the Beef Jerky Outlet franchise. “The combination of unique, high quality products and the right location makes for a winner every time. The Beef Jerky Outlet offers a unique selection of jerky, sausage and snack foods. Add in the Dillsboro Chocolate Factory, and you have a consumer fantasyland.

“When folks see the store their eyes light up; they want to get in and see what it’s all about. They come inside and there are 200 or more different kinds of jerky, including exotics like alligator and kangaroo. We have some other items, too–sausages, popcorns, peanut butters–but make no doubt about it: beef jerky is the primary focus.”

In the Smokies, gourmet jerky and smoked meats is an ever-growing market.

“Here at The Beef Jerky Outlet we sell true ¼ lb, ½ lb and 1 lb bags,” Parker said. “Bottom line, we sell USDA Beef Jerky that can’t be bought at markets or convenience stores. All of our suppliers use whole muscle beef which is raised in the United States. We’ve got something that people crave and it’s damn good and tastes great.”

The store offers free samples for those who like to try a wide variety of flavors before purchasing.

“People appreciate the opportunity to experiment a little with the flavors,” Parker said. “They commit to a purchase when they find something they love. The expense of providing samples is very small compared to the sales and customer loyalty it generates.

“If you are looking for a quality franchise that is also social and fun, then we may be the right fit for you.”

The Beef Jerky Outlet Franchise now has 14 active stores across the country. The Franchise is ready for business in most states in the continental USA, as well as Alaska and Puerto Rico. The Beef Jerky Outlet stores offer an excellent opportunity for investors seeking a franchise business with high margin returns on moderate start-up costs.

The newest Beef Jerky Outlet franchise in Pigeon Forge, Tennessee opened just recently in July.

Beef Jerky Outlet, Gatlinburg
903 Parkway, Suite 102
Gatlinburg, TN

Lorelei Candles

One craft that you will see throughout the Gatlinburg area is hand-carved and hand-crafted candles.  Since people first came to this area they have made candles to provide light during the night and now crafters like Lorelei Candles are bring this art form to tourist that come to the area every year.  Whether you are looking for a souvenir to take home or if you are looking for a candle for that special occasion, Lorelei has a candle to fit every need and desire.

The people of the Smoky Mountains used candles out of necessity.  Their candles were simply but at some point, a wood worker maybe, realized that the candle could be carved.  The wax made a great medium to work with and if you made a cut that you didn’t like that it was easy to repair.  Over time, the candle makers in the mountains learned to work with colors and dyes to produce candles of various colors.  Today, this tradition has continued with the good people at Lorelei Candles.

The Lorelei Candles store on Glades Road is part of the Great Smoky Arts and Crafts Community.  They have been on Glades Road for years and through those years they have done one thing:  made beautiful candles of every description.  From candles shaped like everything from bears to eagles and maybe even famous cartoon mice to hand-carved works of art, the candles from Lorelei defy description.  The wedding candles they offer might be the most beautiful thing in their store.  The candle is dipped in many colors, forming layers of wax that, when carved give a layered affect and the, in turn, make a beautiful unity candle on your special day.  Coming in both scented and unscented varieties, the candles at Lorelei are a treat for he nose as well as a treat for the eyes.

Make a stop by Lorelei Candles the next time you visit Gatlinburg.  This is not only a great place to get candles for that candle lover on your shopping list but it can be a good way to feel your home with light and warmth and of course, works of art, carved from wax.

Lorelei Candles
331 Glades Road
Gatlinburg, TN

Wood Signs of Gatlinburg

People come to Gatlinburg for all kinds of reasons be it for a honeymoon or a vacation getaway to the Smokies, or just to get away and go shop Gatlinburg’s parkway. The downtown area sees thousands of shoppers every year due to its unique collection of stores like Wood Signs of Gatlinburg.

Since 1971, Wood Signs of Gatlinburg have been making custom wood signs to commemorate all kinds of special occasions, and add to your home or business’ decor. They’re family owned and operated.

Wood Signs of Gatlinburg make their signs out of the finest wood including a number of South American hardwoods, California Redwood, Eastern Red Cedar, and Western Red Cedar. All these types of wood that go into making some of the most beautiful signs imaginable are weather resistant and durable. Each is built to last whether you choose to display it indoors or outdoors.

Their holiday signs are especially popular, so if you’re currently downtown you can find Wood Signs of Gatlinburg near the Smokyland Motel and Riverside Motor Lodge. And it doesn’t take long at all for Wood Signs to develop your own personal sign while you shop or eat downtown. Most signs, depending on how busy the shop is take about an hour and a half.

If you’re looking for a wonderful, custom-crafted wood sign to finish off your home’s decor, or give to a friend, drop by Wood Signs of Gatlinburg and have their staff personalize an attractive wood sign that is sure to be a conversation piece for years to come.

Wood Signs of Gatlinburg
715 Parkway
Gatlinburg TN 37738
866-436-9640, 865-436-9640

Zi Olive

Here is something a little different:  Zi Olive.  Zi Olive is home to the best olive oils and balsamic vinegar that you will find in the Smokies.  Located in The Village, in Gatlinburg, TN, this store allows you to sample some of the most beautiful and best tasting olive oils that you will ever encounter.  Infused oils and Balsamic vinegar are available for tasting, then for purchase and finally to take home with you to use as marinades and in recipes to add that little extra bit of flavor.

Olive Oil is one of the most amazing cooking tools ever created.  Pressed from olives at the peak of their ripeness, Zi Olive takes extra virgin olive oil and infuses it with extra flavors   These extra flavors add flavor and punch to your recipes.  And what’s more, you have the opportunity to taste before you buy.  From oils with a citrus appeal to oils that have been infused with herbs like basil and garlic, these olive oil creations are good when tasted by themselves and of course will take your next meal to new heights.

Village_logoThen of course you have their selection of balsamic vinegars.  The same way that the olive oil has been infused with other flavors, the balsamic vinegar has gotten the same treatment.  Balsamic vinegar is produced from grape juice and has become one of the ingredients of choice in vinegar and oil dressing for salads all over the countryside.  Of course, when added to other recipes, it is a wonderful addition and brightens the flavor of any stir fry.  The balsamic vinegars from Zi Olive has additional flavors to change the flavor palette of those recipes you are already using in your recipes.  Flavored with such ingredients as cherries, chocolate, garlic and figs, these infused balsamic vinegars will make every recipe you use them in take on a new life.

And speaking of recipes, you need to pay a visit to their website.  There website contains a plethora of information and recipes.  Their recipe section changes on a regular basis and will give you ideas on how to use their products and get the most out of the oils and vinegars that you purchase.  Pay a visit to Zi Olive in The Village in Gatlinburg.  As you are browsing through the shops you will spot them and you will be transported to the wonderful world of infused oils and vinegars.  Try some of them.  Taste the various flavors and imagine the recipes you already use olive oil in with a complete different flavor set.  Try Zi Olive.

Zi Olive
The Village
634 Parkway #6
Gatlinburg, TN

Life According to Jake

Life is Good

Life According to Jake is Gatlinburg’s local Life is Good neighborhood shoppe.  They have all of the Life is Good paraphernalia that you could possibly want and plenty of their own items as well.  Life is Good is not only an optimistic outlook on life but a great way to show your optimism and your vest for the brighter side.  In Life According to Jake, all of the items feature the Life is Good ideas and you walk out a billboard for a better outlook on life in general.

Life is Good is a New England based apparel company that started in 1994.  It is known for its Life is Good t-shirts and lifestyle items that make you feel good about the saying on your shirt.  The smiling stick figure on most of the shirt is named Jake and thus, that is why the shop in Gatlinburg is known as Life According to Jake.  The Life is Good company expanded their product line and now they are seen in more then 4,000 retail locations around the country and in 30 other countries worldwide.  Since brothers Bert and John Jacobs started the company (in a booth at a street fair), they have made this company into a nationwide phenomenon.

Life According to Jake has ll of the Life is Good apparel and gift concepts along with those that are themed for the mountains:  hiking in the Smokies, backpacking, kayaking the Smoky Mountains and the like.  You can pick up all of those Life is Good gifts that you need for those folks back home or get your optimism on and grab yourself some Life is Good gear.  Walk through the streets of Gatlinburg feeling that Life is Good, that life is better then it was before you went through the door of Life According to Jake.

Life According to Jake
634 Parkway #9
Gatlinburg, TN

The Day Hiker

In my opinion, there is no better find in a small mountain town then a good outfitter.  In Gatlinburg, one of my favorite places to pick up those things that I need while I am on the trail is The Day Hiker.  Located in the The Village, The Day Hiker is easy to find and always a pleasure to visit.  The walls are filled with all the necessities for a hike and somethings that you might not have thought you would find in a shop this size.

The Day Hiker is at the front of The Village in the center of Gatlinburg.  As you walk in, you will pass Ole Smoky Candy Kitchen and then The Day Hiker is immediately on the right.  When you step inside you will begin to explore all of the things you would need to spend a day on the trail.  Here is the funny thing though, the shop is called The Day Hiker but you could get gear to spend much longer on the trails in the Smokies here.  Backpacks to boots, food to trail fashions, literally everything you need for a day hike or a week long stay in the mountains.  But the best thing is that the staff is made up of hikers.

Unlike a lot of the outfitters in the Smokies, this shop is staffed by people that know their stuff.  If you are a novice and you are looking for a nice, quick hike with the kids, they will be glad to answers questions for you.  Maybe you are about to take your first serious hike and you need to pick up a pair of boots that will get you from hear to there.  The good people at The Day Hiker will be glad to make recommendations and point you in the right direction.  Or maybe you are getting ready to start a week long journey into the mountains and you know that your backpack or sleeping bag is not up to the trials of the trail you are going to be on.  Let the staff at The Day Hiker give you the tips you need to have a good time on the trail and not end up shivering in your sleeping bags during the cold nights.

They also have some of the best hiking t-shirts in Gatlinburg.  Funny, thought provoking and well made, you can find that t-shirt for those that could not make the trip.  You can find that shirt that let’s everybody know you spent some time hiking or just grab it for a souvenir of a great trip to the Smokies.  Either way, the selection of t-shirts at The Day Hiker is extraordinary.

If you are planning to hike while you are in the Smoky Mountains, it is always best to be prepared.  Make sure that you have the right gear for the trail you are hiking and of course if you have questions you need to find someone that hikes to ask.  The Day Hiker’s staff certainly has the knowledge and gear to help you have a great time while you are hiking.  Stop and tell them hello.  Ask them some questions and get them talking about the hikes they have taken. You might get a tip or find a trail that you would not have thought to hike otherwise.  The Day Hiker is one of the best outfitters in the Smokies and needs to be on your list of places to shop while you are in the mountains of East Tennessee.

The Day Hiker
634 Parkway #1
Gatlinburg, TN

Celtic Heritage

Our goal is to link You with your own Celtic Heritage

The people that settled the mountains of East Tennessee and Western North Carolina were primarily of Scottish and Irish descent.  If you are trying to rediscover those roots in yourself you can always step through the doors of Celtic Heritage in The Village shopping center in Gatlinburg, TN.  Each and every inch of this quaint shop is covered with Scottish and Irish merchandise from the mother land.  Food stuffs to clothing, accessories to music, Celtic Heritage has a little bit of it all.  And in this shop if it is not Celtic it is not displayed.

As you walk in your eyes will be buffeted by the sheer number of items that they have packed onto the shelves.  At the very front of the store are two display cases that are filled with ornate, traditional Celtic jewelry.  Wedding bands with a Celtic theme, Claddagh rings for both men and women and of course, necklaces and earrings decorated with Celtic knots and trinities.  These pieces of jewelry range from sterling silver to gold and fit every budget.  There are other pieces of jewelry on racks in the rest of the store as well.  These include kilt pins and badges that are designed after the clan crests of the various clans of Scotland.

If jewelry is not your thing start looking through the clothes.  T-shirts proclaiming your favorite nationality (Scottish, Irish or even those from Wales are represented).  Glengarries for those that want a pipe band feel, bonnets and plaid ivy caps for those that would like to keep their heads warm.  You can also get a tie, scarf or a pair of socks in the tartan of your family.  The tartan is the color and design of the kilt plaid that the various clans started wearing to designate themselves from each other.  If you are having a hard time picking out the right tartan for yourself, they also have a book that might help you make a choice based on your last name.

Among the other pieces of the merchandise on the shelves are foods from over the pond.  Shortbread cookies, sweets and drinks that have been imported to give you a taste of the motherland.  Candy bars that never see the inside of a vending machine on this side of the Atlantic are there for the purchasing.  You can try something new, something that you and your kids might never get a chance to try again.  One thing that I can recommend is the Irn Bru.  Irn Bru is known as the traditional drink of Scotland.  Think of it as a mountain Dew mixed with an Orange Crush.  Plenty of caffeine and plenty of sugar in this drink to keep you going all day and it is a decidedly Scottish beverage.

Pay a visit to Celtic Heritage.  They are located in The Village.  This shopping center has more then its fair share of shopping and dining possibilities.  If you go through The Village to the very last shop on the right you have found Celtic Heritage.  Spend some time at this unique, wonderful shop.  Get in touch with the Celtic side of things.

Celtic Heritage
634 Parkway #26
Gatlinburg, TN

A Jann Peitso Art

Jann Peitso is a watercolorist and a lover of all things East Tennessee. She uses the mountains, the cities and the people as a stepping off point to create art.  She uses vibrant color to produce paintings and characters that warm the heart and delight the soul.  She has characters like Bootsie and Gussie Mae covering the walls of her gallery and of course her other works of art including her renderings of quilts are just as original and perfectly befitting this artist of the Great Smoky Arts and Crafts Community.

Gussie Mae and Bootsie are probably the two most memorable works that Jann Peitso has ever produced.  Gussie Mae is a personified flamingo.  She is the personification of all the women that survive the bumps of life and come out on the top.  Jann’s humor and wit really shine through in the Gussie Mae works and she has become a bit of a collectors piece for those that have been drawn to her long-legged antics.  Bootsie is another character all together.  Bootsie is the angle in your family that helps you keep up with all those important dates, wonderful people and helps us all to plan ahead in that time so that we can reach out to other that are in need. These are two of Jann’s most wonderful creations but they are by no means her most wonderful art.

It is in Jann’s ability to capture the beauty in nature and mix that with an artists ability to add the abstract that really sets her work apart.  She can take every twist and turn of a leaf or a tree and then add these vibrant colors to the image that make it leap off the page.  Her ability to take the trees and pieces of flora from the mountains of the Smokies and make them something even more spectacular, to put on paper her feelings when she sees a simple leaf and the colors that might just be her interpretation of fall is striking and lights up any room.  Jann is also fond of quilt blocks and she uses her watercolor abilities to re-interpret these age old country creations into wall hanging pieces of art that will compliment any decor.

A Jann Peitso has a gallery in the Great Smoky Arts and Crafts Community on Glades Road.  If you head out of Gatlinburg on the way to Cosby, you will pass Glades Road about 11 miles from traffic light #3 on Hwy 321 or Parkway East, whichever you want to call it.  Usually she is in the gallery so while you are shopping and browsing you can actually talk to the artist that produced the art that decorates the walls and might, decorate your home as well.  Stop by and say hey to Jann.  Tell her how much you love Bootsie the Angel and Gussie Mae.  Pick up some prints and take a little of this wonderful artist home with you.  They might help you remember a special trip to the Smokies.

A Jann Peitso Art
170 Glades Road
Gatlinburg, TN


If you have been to Magnet-O-World, you probably never thought you would walk into a store that looks like the front of your grandmother’s fridge.  But that is exactly what Magnet-O-World looks like.  Magnets cover ever surface and are stuck to everything metal in the store.  Boasting more then 100,000 magnets, your might find yourself drawn through the door.

The good folks that run Magnet-O-World, do posses a certain magnetism.  They have stocked their store with magnets of every shape, size and variety imaginable.  They have also taken the time to cover the walls with metal so that they don’t have to have shelves and racks to put their merchandise on, they just stick them straight on the wall.  The sight of all the magnets and the fact that they are literally making up a mosaic on the walls, makes this retail store a destination when you are walking the Parkway through Gatlinburg.  Magnet-O-World is located very near traffic light 7 in Gatlinburg, so it is minutes from many of the hotles and motels in town and you are going to pass it at some point so head inside.

One thing that want polarize the visitors to Magnet-O-World is the cost.  These are magnets, everybody has a fridge in their house.  And some of the people in your life are stuck on magnets.  They collect them, they love them, they want them and Magnet-O-World has them, this is an easy shopping trip to fill in all those people that you need to get a souvenir for.  The magnets are themed for the Smokies.  The magnets are divided into different sections – movies, tv, art, nostalgia.  You will find magents for those people that are hard to buy for and if you are just needing something quick to remind you of the best trip you ever had to Gatlinburg, TN then Magnet-O-World might be one place that literally has everything you could need for those loved ones you left at home, all in one place.

Make a trip to Magnet-O-World.  Pick up something to remind you of your trip to the mountains.  Pick up something to remind your friends of the fun time you had.  Get pulled into Magnet-O-World in downtown Gatlinburg.

Magnet O World
738 Parkway #3
Gatlinburg, TN